Magical Sunsets in Dubai

Written by Silvana Fitzpatrick

World-class attractions, diverse landscapes, and year-round sunshine make Dubai a magnet for visitors. Whether you want to ride on roller coasters or camels, the easy-to-reach emirate offers high-quality fun all year round.
The city that drips with beauty, indulgence and lashings of luxury is stealing the spotlight on some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. The “winter” season is when beach adventures, sightseeing, and desert safari experiences come into their own, and it is also the best time to catch some of the most memorable sunsets that the city has to offer. That instance of awe in watching beautiful sunsets seems to empower us with more love and gratitude towards Mother Nature.
​Read on for some of the best spots you should set your sights on when chasing the best sundowners in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

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The world’s tallest building takes the top spot in our list of places to watch sunsets in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is always appealing throughout the day, but sunset is the perfect moment to soak in the golden hour in all its glory. Dubai’s tallest structure outranks every other location due to its height, where you feel like you can touch the sky and the sunset appears closer and more mesmerising.
The observation deck on the 124th and 125th levels of Burj Khalifa are the best spots to melt into the most memorable twilight experience in Dubai. You will enjoy the sunset's light, shadows, and dark orange and yellow tones blending in a perfect dance before your eyes, while the spectacular colours of the sky glisten on the horizon.
From level 124, which is more than 400 metres above the earth, you may take in the view of Dubai's urban landscape. Telescopes are available for use on the observation deck, so that you can locate notable city landmarks from a distance.
Before your journey is over, you can take in more immersive experiences on the 125th floor. As the golden sun rays coat the entire city in a warm glow you can see the tallest skyscrapers and the vast desert encircled by the shimmering blue-green ocean.
​Burj Khalifa is also home to Atmosphere lounge, the world’s tallest restaurant on level 122, from where you can enjoy the mesmerising Arabian dusk while savouring some exquisite international dishes.

Sunset Beach

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Nothing measures up to a walk along Dubai beaches, listening to the sound of the crashing waves while watching the dipping sun cast its golden glow over the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Sea.
Aptly named Sunset Beach, the Umm Suqeim sandy shores will captivate your attention with awe-inspiring colours of the sky, merging into tones of deep orange, soft purple, and romantic pinks, signalling the end of another day, and welcoming the night’s cool breeze.
​Sunset seekers can take pleasure in views of the lavish Burj Al Arab glowing against the sunset backdrop and explore the nearby Umm Suqeim Park and many cafes populating the area along the beach. Sunset Beach has a very relaxed vibe, ideal for morning and evening strolls, jogging, or yoga, and you can also enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants in the area while you watch the sun retreat for the day.

Dubai Creek

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Dubai Creek is one of the emirate's most beautiful and tranquil areas that stands out for its unique atmosphere and appeal. Just wait until it’s time for the sun to set and you will be there every day.
Deira Creek is one of the best places to enjoy a sundowner in old Dubai. You can hop in a dhow or abra and cross the water from Deira to Bur Dubai, admiring the heated orange shades of the sunset bouncing off the waters and glowing across the silver buildings facing the creek, golden light cascading over the entire district.
​Alternatively, you can simply sit by the fishing boats and open markets lining up the old streets to take in the beauty of the golden hour as the sun reflects off of them.

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah

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The Pointe is sat across the bay from Atlantis the Palm, at the tip of Palm Jumeirah, and is one of Dubai’s most scenic waterfront destinations. Here, the sea melts into the blended colours of the sky, and suddenly all of Palm becomes a sunset island.
​The golden hour at The Pointe casts the most magical views against the backdrop of the glowing Atlantis hotel. Beyond the sunset spectacle, visitors will enjoy the Palm Fountain Show, the world’s largest musical fountain as per Guinness Records. The fountain comes alive daily from seven o’clock to midnight and is a once in a lifetime experience.

Dubai Desert

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They say “even the sun sets in paradise” but a sunset drifting over golden dunes in the desert is one of the most mesmerising moments and life’s little joys you should never deny yourself.
As the sky turns golden, no trip to Dubai is ever complete without a desert safari. The perception of rays shimmering themselves to dusk from the vast stretch of golden dunes is a sight to behold.
While the sun is slowly dropping down and you are blasting your way through the sand, enjoying your best off-road experience, a new beautiful scenery is uncovered, making way for a night sky full of bright stars. The cooler weather now calls for these magical nights in the desert, with a campfire, evening show, barbecue dinner, and other mystical tales recounted by the locals.
As you enjoy nature’s goodness, remember to capture some of these moments on your camera, as the desert is a beautiful backdrop for photography

No matter where you are, the sun rises and sets every single day. The best thing about sunsets is the good feel vibe it gives us at the end of the day.
​Every sunset calls on the promise of a new day, with the last ray of sun on the horizon reminding us that tomorrow holds endless possibilities, and we ought to savour every bit of that fleeting beauty. We hope you watch as many sunsets as you can in different places around the world but remember to keep Dubai at the top of your list.