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Riccardo Scala

We are delighted to welcome Riccardo Scala as the Head of Luxury Sales and Leasing. A luxury broker with a reputation for both transactional performance and world-class customer service, Riccardo is not only an asset to our growing team, but an essential part of the company’s expansion strategy.

Riccardo began his professional career in the world of sport, playing football in his native Scotland. He later moved to the United States, where he played for clubs on the West Coast, and joined the indoor soccer league. Eventually, Riccardo decided to translate his love of sport into a business venture and founded two fitness brands that found great success in the US and across Europe. The business acumen he gained during this time, combined with a natural competitive spirit and love of teamwork, made him an ideal fit for the real estate industry, which was his next career move.

Despite the lack of a real estate background, Riccardo hit the ground running when he entered the highly competitive Dubai market. With thorough research and a winning attitude, he carved out a name for himself in the luxury real estate sector and gained a reputation as one of the city’s top agents. He is extremely knowledgeable about sales and rental trends across the market, is thoroughly dedicated to achieving and indeed exceeding his goals, and has a natural charisma that his clients appreciate.

Riccardo has already established himself as a leading authority on the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, and has an excellent understanding of other key markets such as Emirates Hills, Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai. We are very excited to see how his expertise will help take us to even greater heights as a company and as a luxury brand.