La Mer - Sun, Sand & Luxury

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Sand shifting around your feet, leaving prints behind as you go for a morning stroll. The sun shining on your face, filling the day with warmth. Complete serenity as the ocean waves gently lap at the shore. Living by the beach is perhaps one of the pinnacles of luxury living, and few cities offer a beachfront lifestyle quite like Dubai. 

Luxury Property La Mer Dubai

La Mer is spread over 9.5 million square feet and divided into four distinct zones - the beach, a waterpark and two residential neighbourhoods known as La Mer North and La Mer South. The beach was the first of the zones to be completed, opening to the public in autumn 2017.

The atmosphere at La Mer is reminiscent of the Florida Keys or any of the gorgeous islands dotting the Caribbean, with an aesthetic that can best be described as shabby chic. While the occasional chain restaurant can be spotted, the culinary offering at La Mer is mostly made up of unique and original concepts. Bright, multi-coloured beach huts add a touch of whimsy, wooden posts with light bulbs hanging from the top serve as street lamps, and more posts jut out of the sea, supporting hammocks that offer the ultimate in relaxation. You even have the option of renting private cabanas for small groups.


Adding a layer of excitement to this already thrilling destination is Laguna Waterpark, which opened earlier this year and kicked off the summer season. The park is split into four zones (much like the community itself) - Relax, Slide, Splash and Surf - with each zone featuring a different set of rides. There are five signature rides in the park, two of which are completely new to the Middle East. WaveOz 180, built by American waterpark equipment firm FlowRider, is known as the ‘Ultimate Surf Machine’, and Laguna is the only place in the GCC where you can experience it. The park also contains the city’s only Aqualoop, a waterslide that, true to its name, curves around in a gargantuan loop. Laguna opens directly onto the beach, so you can work off the adrenalin rush of visiting the park by taking a quiet walk along the promenade.

Luxury Property La Mer Jumeirah Dubai

Another very exciting addition to the community is La Mer North Island. Currently sitll under development, this was the last of the zones to be officially launched and its chief highlight is Port de La Mer, a beautiful master community modeled after seaside towns in the Riviera.

La Mer has revitalized one of the more popular beachfront areas and will continue adding to its charm once the residential units are complete. The apartments at Port de La Mer are also among the first freehold properties in the district, and are a solid option for home buyers and investors alike.

Water park imgage courtesy of Laguna Waterpark