6 Best Waterfront Cities in the World

Written by Arpan Ghosh
All major cities in the world are ultimately connected by their waterways. Some cities, however, have gone the extra mile and developed their coastlines into exceptional waterfront neighborhoods.

1.  Vancouver

Home of historic harbours and ports, Vancouver, located in the Canadian district of British Columbia has transformed its waterfront into a major tourist attraction. Highlights include the markets of Granville Island, the picturesque landscapes of Inner Harbour and the 405-hectare Stanley Park.

2.  Venice

Perhaps one of the world’s best known waterfront cities, Venice hardly needs much introduction. The city’s beautiful canals, classical architecture, rich history and many gastronomic delights have been bringing in visitors for centuries.

3.  Sydney

Like much of Australia, Sydney is known for its lovely beaches and waterfront attractions. The Sydney Opera House is one of its biggest draws, of course, and Sydney Harbour is the venue for many a cultural festival and celebration.

4.  Dubai

An old maritime city that has blossomed into a vibrant coastal metropolis, Dubai has no shortage of beautiful waterfront districts. From the historic Dubai Creek to the stunning Dubai Canal, from man-made islands such as Palm Jumeirah to the newly developed La Mer, there is plenty to experience here.

5.  San Sebastian

It’s difficult to pick just one waterside attraction in Spain. Barcelona is known for its sunny beaches, and the island of Mallorca is always a popular getaway. But the Basque town of San Sebastian in northern Spain holds many a wonderful surprise, and has grown to be one of Europe’s premier resort towns.

6.  Hong Kong

Another major city that combines glittering skyscrapers with the quaint beauty of a historic harbor, Hong Kong is packed with things to see and do, from exploring street food kiosks to climbing the beautiful Victoria Peak to catch a panorama of the city in all its glory.

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