Should You Go For Furnished Or Unfurnished Apartments In Dubai Marina?

If you are planning to buy an apartment in Dubai Marina, you may wonder if you should go for a furnished apartment or an unfurnished one. Dubai Marina flats offer you various options in both these categories. So selecting the best one can sometimes be very difficult. But the key is knowing both options' pros and cons and deciding which one will be best suited for you. 

Unfurnished Apartments

You might have seen many unfurnished Dubai Marina flats which need you to buy furniture, accessories, household appliances and equip the room. One advantage of unfurnished apartments is that they provide a unique space you can decorate according to your liking. Moreover, unfurnished flats are cheaper than furnished ones, and the deposit is much smaller as there is less risk of property damage. You can design the rooms and features according to your preferences and lifestyles while trying to save money through your choices. 

Unfurnished apartments are ideal if you have long-term plans to stay there, as you can furnish and decorate them so that the interior matches your lifestyle. Also, you do not need to worry about potential damage to furniture and household appliances, and you can save a lot on property maintenance. 

Furnished Apartments

Many foreign buyers in Dubai Marina opt for furnished flats due to the convenience it offers and the time it saves. Another reason is that they do not want to spend time or energy on shopping trips to find the right things after moving to another country. Going on a shopping spree for furniture and other household appliances immediately after buying a house can hit your budget. Hence, buying furnished property can reduce your costs. A fully-furnished flat is a perfect option if you are here only for a short period of time as it allows flexibility, and you do not have to buy stuff for a brief term. 
Furnished flats have greater demand in the rental market, and owners of furnished apartments tend to find renters much faster as they have no problem attracting renters who can afford them. Also, moving to a furnished home will take much less time and money as it cuts out purchasing, packing, and transporting furniture and appliances. If you wish to give out your apartment on rent, you can charge higher fees if you offer a fully furnished property. In addition, you can also ask for a larger deposit, as the renter may cause damage to the property after moving in. 

Partially Furnished Property

If you are still confused between buying furnished and unfurnished property, your ideal solution will be going for partially-furnished residential property. Such spaces usually have larger furniture like sofas, tables, cabinets, beds, etc., and you only need to buy small things. It lets you personalize the house on your terms but still get some ready-made furnishings.

To Sum Up

If you need an expert to help you decide, you can discuss it with your dealer and take their suggestions. But remember that it all comes down to your preferences and requirements.

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