Four Seasons Private Residences - Luxury Living at Sharm el Sheikh

Written by Arpan Ghosh
Luxury Living At Sharm El Sheikh

Hotel residences are always a hot commodity for jetsetters and frequent fliers. They offer all of the comforts you would expect of a high-end home along with the convenience of five-star services such as housekeeping and concierge, so you can have complete peace of mind without having to worry about the small details. If you’re seeking a holiday home for your family, a hotel residence is a fantastic option, and if you intend to make that your primary home then each day will feel like a vacation. Four Seasons, one of the most well-known hospitality groups in the world, offers a beautiful selection of residential units known as the Private Residences.


A highly exclusive collection of fully serviced homes, the Private Residences offer a unique lifestyle that incorporates aspects of the local environment and culture. You could, for example, live at the Four Seasons in New York, looking out over gorgeous panoramas of the city’s iconic skyline and experiencing the upscale lifestyle one would expect from the city that never sleeps. Or perhaps the Caribbean is more to your fancy with its beautiful tropical atmosphere and miles of glistening blue sea all around you.


Four Seasons private residences
Serviced homes at Four Seasons

In the Middle East, there are three options available for Private Residences – Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Sharm El Sheikh. Located on the south tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh has been in operation since 2002 and is hailed as one of the best beach hotels in the Middle East and North Africa. The resort currently comprises 125 keys, to which a further 95 guest rooms, 25 villas and 44 chalets will be added as part of a recently announced expansion. The villas will primarily consist of four-bedroom units and will also feature two very exclusive five-bedroom homes. The chalets will be two bedrooms each, set in low-rise clusters.

Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh
Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh Chalets

Keeping with the theme of the resort, which is modeled after a traditional Egyptian village, the Private Residences will have a rustic architectural design with typical flourishes such as colourful awnings, wooden latticework and stepped turrets along the rooftops. By contrast, the interior layout and aesthetic of the homes will be quite contemporary but will complement the exterior design with the use of wooden finishes and ornate window frames. Floor-to-ceiling windows, combined with clever positioning, will ensure that residents can look out onto splendid panoramas of the Red Sea from their living rooms or their cosy private terraces.


The Four Seasons resort at Sharm El Sheikh makes the most of its beautiful coastal setting, with an abundance of richly landscaped greenery, fully pedestrianized walkways and charming water features. The residential complex adjoins an area known as The Village, divided into gourmet restaurants, a fitness centre, a retail centre, a residents’ lounge and a conference centre. Other key amenities include sports facilities, a beach bar and a PADI dive centre. All of the resort facilities will be easily accessible, as well as a suite of bespoke services.


Sharm El Sheikh is already a key global seafront destination because of its stunning coastline, strategic location and renowned diving spots. It is home to one of the finest Four Seasons hotels in the world and, once the expansion is complete, will be able to boast the world’s largest Four Seasons property.

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