Everything You Need To Know About Move-In Permits For Dubai Villas

Real estate transactions involve vital paperwork to record all crucial details. Buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords must fill and file multiple documents to seamlessly complete an asset transaction. However, many forget about a critical document before moving into their residential property. A move-in permit (MIP) is essential for entering your new home if it lies within an Emaar development. Emaar, one of Dubai's leading real estate developers, has mandated that all new entrants must obtain this permit before residing in their buildings. For example, if you have purchased one of the Azalea Villas in Arabian Ranches, you must apply and secure the MIP before moving in. Wondering how to obtain this permit? Let’s break down the details!

Why Do New Residents Need MIPs for Emaar Properties?

Emaar mandated the new MIP rule in November 2013. It stated that everyone residing in its Dubai developments must obtain special permits before moving in or out. They introduced this rule to streamline the entire process. Here is why they require residents to obtain MIPs before shifting:
  • This paperwork provides residents with smooth access to the property and surrounding amenities.
  • It allows the developer to maintain comprehensive records of the residents’ contact information.
  • It allows Emaar to document and track the residents in case of emergency evacuations.
  • It prevents disputes between landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders about the dates and responsibilities of paying service fees.

What Documents Does One Need to Apply for the MIP?

The document requirements vary for different stakeholders. Landlords, tenants, and vacation rental operators can apply for MIPs with different documents. Homeowners or landlords can log in to the Emaar portal with their credentials to file for an application. However, tenants require the following documents. 
  • The applicant must submit the Ejaari or the tenancy contract.
  • GCC Nationals can submit their Emirates or National ID.
  • Expatriates must submit their passports with their visa page.
Vacation rental operators need the following documents.
  • The operator must submit the Ejaari or tenancy contract.
  • They need to submit their tourism license and the unit permit from Dubai Tourism.
  • They need to file their Emirates ID or passport with the visa page.

The Process to Apply for the MIP

Landlords and homeowners can follow a simple process on the Emaar One app or the Emaar Community Management portal. Tenants and vacation home operators need to do the following when applying for the MIP:
  • Select the correct details about the property: name of the community and sub-community, building number, and unit number.
  • Enter contact details, full name, and nationality.
  • Add the Emirates ID number and expiry date (enter Visa details for expatriates).
  • Mark the move-in date.
  • Fill in the number of children and adults who will move in. 
  • Mention the special needs of occupants, if any.
  • Submit the requisite documents as per applicant status. 
These steps allow the Emaar authorities to manage all resident details on their centralized database. While leaving, the residents can apply for move-out permits using a similar procedure. If you want to buy or rent a home by Emaar, you can contact the LuxuryProperty.com team for more information. You can explore options like Samara Properties, Lila Villas, or Camellia Townhouses to find the perfect stay!

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