Episode 6: The Golden Visa

Since they were first announced a few years ago, Golden Visas in the UAE have been the source of much speculation and discussion. What are the exact criteria? How does it differ from a standard long-term visa? What are the exact benefits? Grant Kirk, COO of Synergy Gulf, is the man who can answer those questions. As someone who works with local and international clients on a regular basis to help with visa processes, business incorporation and more, Grant can tell you exactly what you need to know before starting your new life in Dubai.

In this episode, we cover:

  • An exciting new announcement concerning changes to the working week in the UAE
  • The definition and scope of a Golden Visa, plus the process to obtain one
  • The other services offered by Synergy Gulf, particularly for HNWI clients
  • The impact of both Covid-19 and Expo 2020 on Dubai's business landscape
  • What to expect from an ever-evolving city like Dubai in 2022 and beyond

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