Episode 2: Creating a five-Star Lifestyle with Hotels to Home

What makes a hotel stay memorable? When we travel, we appreciate the little things that a five-star property has to offer, from the range of services to the small touches such as a soothing colour palette, hotel slippers, or perhaps heated floors in the bathroom. The rise of short-term rentals and holiday rentals now allows you to enjoy all of the comforts of hotel living in a home away from home. But what if you wanted to create a five-star experience in your own home? Darcy Guttwein, a passionate traveler and lifestyle designer, talks about how to marry hospitality and everyday life, as detailed in her book Hotels to Home.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Darcy's lifestyle journey and the birth of the Hotels to Home concept
  • Determining your personal hotel brand
  • Key hospitality elements to incorporate into your own home
  • The concept of 'no demand' days, which you can use at home and even in the office
  • How the approach to Hotels to Home has evolved and continues to grow
  • The future of Hotels to Home as a lifestyle consultancy service

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