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Lp09850 Cb382e6b53c2b3a00ecd55df555c1d6c.jpeg
Lp09850 F74ca562ef8cf0c4666b49d99e91db4e.jpeg
Lp09850 1e3f21cdee6650ab4a46d5d07c089b43.jpeg
Lp09850 92207ce000805d279533c1974a8504d0.jpeg
Lp09850 84839b899636b42f58898d1d75ea08b1.jpeg
Lp09850 986806c76cccd0556d689995e6371a31.jpeg
Lp09850 A16177cdba82d428a6b67e1750fd65ed.jpeg
Lp09850 52ac4182ed96881efaf7e2adb99ae296.jpeg
Lp09850 C0a6a726ef562a987d74acaedcce9503.jpeg
Lp09850 C0999555f2e84705aed7c78ad782263b.jpeg
Lp09850 D7796f99c9cd1830dd3ce674e6dc1f75.jpeg
Lp09850 Cf39b6be1cf24e1e66d1e751e5c45d28.jpeg
Lp09850 B9eef6ae6acafb57f5b17a41117ca950.jpeg
Lp09850 B4ef32473d699287997c577cccf709b2.jpeg
Lp09850 53a67587908c9df4557fe5bb05db01ff.jpeg


Furnished Waterfront Lot At 1320 S Venetian Way In San Marco Island


Beds Bed

Bathroom0 Bath

BUA: 0 sqft

Ref no: LP09850

Best waterfront lot in Venetian Island, This sought after lot is in the best location on San Marcos Island, with amazing open water views of the Miami Skyline and Port of Miami. This bayfront location is the most desirable in all of the Venetian Islands because of it picturesque sunrise and sunsets amid looming sailboats. Build you dream home in this one of a kind property and enjoy the art of South FLORIDA Living.

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