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3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 C74b10f042e7e80.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 251a52c48fbc8000.jpg
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3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 21ea9aa268b59e00.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 18b5bfe76d7c7100.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 1fdca1ccaee20100.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 4837790461c4a00.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 1f2234a7b0831200.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 2060b4557f33bc00.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 32b00705eadfa200.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 29f8941645a6f800.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 1b95ac402f338200.jpg
3 Bedroom Villa For Sale  Lp39102 16a287bf4dbf3e00.jpg

Price on Application

Wonderful New Home in The Acres


Beds3 Beds

Bathroom3 Baths

BUA: 3,915 sqft

Ref no: LP39102

Q1: What Unique Features Does the 3-Bedroom Villa at The Acres Offer?

A: The Acres' 3-bedroom villa stands out with its 3,915.26 Sq Ft built-up area and a design that harmonizes with nature. It features a garden facade for lush views, a side courtyard for intimate family gatherings, and a master bedroom overlooking the pool with park vistas. The top floor includes a family area and a spacious terrace, blending indoor comfort with the beauty of surrounding parklands.

Q2: How Does The Acres Enhance Family Living?

A: The Acres is dedicated to creating a living space that's both luxurious and nature-centric. The community offers standalone villas ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms, each with signature outdoor rooms and rear gardens that seamlessly integrate with the natural environment. The contemporary design, open-plan layout, and floor-to-ceiling windows invite the outdoors inside, fostering a unique living experience.

Q3: What Lifestyle Amenities are Available at The Acres?

A: Residents at The Acres can enjoy a range of amenities that promote a healthy, active, and community-oriented lifestyle. These include a Kindergarten, Lagoon Clubhouse, Juice Bar, Mosque, Community Park, Retail areas, and various sports and wellness facilities. The community also features swim-friendly lagoons, lakes, outdoor gyms, jogging tracks, and children's play areas, ensuring a diverse and enriching environment for all ages.

Q4: What Makes The Acres an Environmentally Friendly Community?

A: The Acres is not just a residential community; it's a commitment to sustainable living. This commitment is evidenced by its LEED v4.1 Cities and Communities: Plan and Design certification, reflecting environmentally friendly practices in its planning and design. The community is built to coexist with nature, offering spaces that are both luxurious and mindful of their environmental impact.

Q5: Describe the Design Philosophy of The Acres Villas.

A: The villas at The Acres are designed with a philosophy of bringing the outside in. Their contemporary architecture, characterized by an open-plan layout and large windows, ensures a constant engagement with the surrounding nature. The design focuses on creating a tranquil and harmonious environment, where living spaces are not just enclosed areas but a continuation of the natural world outside.

Q6: What are the Key Community Highlights of The Acres?

A: The Acres boasts a wide array of community features including a Lagoon Clubhouse, Mosque Plaza, Retail Promenade, Adventure Park, Wellness Garden, and much more. The community is interconnected with meandering pathways, leading to various attractions like the Ripe Market, Clubhouses, and Sports Areas. It's a place where every corner has something unique to offer, from outdoor terraces to crafting stations and floating decks.

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