Lp02966 97a6674fb8aaa68035f51cf86923b5ad.jpg
Lp02966 96e752031dc65ac8d3068de04f7de77f.jpg
Lp02966 78d3338aabecdbe1660d9fba239b1e4d.jpg
Lp02966 C88cba5af236c7379728e30c8e2aaa25.jpg
Lp02966 1e94b4eeb11e3fafc42f02287c246e6c.jpg
Lp02966 2b4883b5f413861abb2eb9850ecb4217.jpg
Lp02966 95fa2f3f3e671eb60b50403ea0d0fbba.jpg
Lp02966 575ebc14ab80ed9f09442248b0adf42b.jpg
Lp02966 0ba11b565330369f07c7d1a2194927af.jpg
Lp02966 D2534f45c0d5e503357b97d572a81f2a.jpg
Lp02966 78285e23612316e3af989c8f1dbdc0f0.jpg
Lp02966 82f557a5809b032f31f78fa0df4f1ece.jpg
Lp02966 C54d30091bdae517f5101efe5896a733.jpg
Lp02966 C400c528d5bf7cb59a5e06f7db7110a3.jpg
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Magnificent 10250 W Sunset Boulevard Home At Holmby Hills


Beds18 Beds

Bathroom20 Baths

BUA: 30,000 sqft

Ref no: LP02966

Maison Du Soleil, one of the most magnificent LA estates, is elegantly situated on almost three picturesque acres in Holmby Hills - the crown jewel of LA's "Platinum Triangle."

Designed in the 1930s by classic Californian architect Paul Williams, the iconic 60-room residence supremely merges classic architecture with contemporary design. The legendary 30,000-square-foot compound is comprised of 17 beds, 22 baths and amenities suited to the most discerning taste - from a luxurious and sophisticated bath house to a 6,000-square foot movie theatre.

The open floor plan seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, with each room allowing guests to capture breathtaking views of the grounds, which feature five divine, enchanting gardens.

With all of its scale and grandeur, the home remains warm and inviting, making it a unique retreat for intimate family life yet poised for large-scale entertaining.

In Detail



Fire Pit

Guest House

Home Cinema

Large Family Room


Multiple Parkings


Private Pool

Private Tennis Court
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