Lp02965 6fe474760834b19619909ae5bcd1c904.jpg
Lp02965 45f44a4323d63cbc54904cf5792cc884.jpg
Lp02965 4692c46c3e7bd54ab1e2319f46a47f4b.jpg
Lp02965 315a152ffa7425364290889b35841936.jpg
Lp02965 F1c470d8eef23f9765472f32905348fe.jpg
Lp02965 1795400ff16253f7dadfed3c08059d3c.jpg
Lp02965 9cb7a92eaba83072f2623d2b7cd23572.jpg
Lp02965 6922f21be24b61a677ea30e9f0b3b1b2.jpg
Lp02965 Fdd3e27159966d07d6abac41d2607d55.jpg
Lp02965 Beb82f1cb0de72fd6261dfebca57b326.jpg
Lp02965 111ee9359c87311d633596bbd200c6d4.jpg
Lp02965 C27c90996f3a3ec4e63090df631748a9.jpg
Lp02965 5bd912c0e258a9611c0fbfe3efe13cd6.jpg
Lp02965 995b705ee9400fc4cf9c9a3343ee13da.jpg
Lp02965 9d696daf2882719862c8fa856e5e3b67.jpg
Lp02965 7c16b48cac097cb2fc4cebe22fd98e52.jpg
Lp02965 7d64dda6887eccd14cd3a4ee69e9b8e9.jpg
Lp02965 5581e2d17fafdf717ceca1ef7faeae28.jpg
Lp02965 7b3e999dfd1c790882522d92b7e300a9.jpg
Lp02965 2914bc9b53b04ef2b42a975996034dc1.jpg
Lp02965 Af175739f9dbf36158805f9aa49e7ffe.jpg


Contemporary Home At 911 n Foothill Rd in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles


Beds6 Beds

Bathroom16 Baths

BUA: 18,543 sqft

Ref no: LP02965

Newly constructed in 2016, the Estate is one of very finest in LA. On 3.25lush Beverly Hills acres, designed and implemented by world acclaimed Richard Meier & Partners Architects.

Timeless yet contemporary, incorporating natural elements such as white oak, stone, and walls of glass create a sense of place. The floor plan offers gallery-like spaces that are intimate & expansive. Each area flows seamlessly to the next, revealing both public and private rooms. 2 staircases and an elevator connect the three levels. Many of the shared spaces occupy the main level including the great room with automated steel doors creating an expansive opening onto the lawn. The lower level houses a professionally equipped 1,148 sf gym and private theatre. There are 5 bedrooms situated on the top level.

The outdoors are sprawling with Beverly Hills & LA city views.

Within the lush landscaping is the entertainment deck featuring an 85-foot, fully tiled infinity pool, pool house & al fresco dining area.

In Detail



Barbecue Area


Family Lounge

Fire Pit


Maid's Room

Private Pool

Shared spa

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