Dubai Off Plan Market Report - Full Year 2022

Dubai's off-plan market had a remarkable year in 2022, breaking records in the number of transactions and total transacted value. While the pandemic caused many projects to be put on hold in 2021 and subsequently pushed back to 2023, there are other key factors contributing to this success.


Dubai's population is growing, and more investors are recognizing the city's potential as a lucrative market. Additionally, there is a vast undersupply of stock and growing prices. These factors have all played a role in the off-plan market's outstanding performance.


Experts believe this growth is sustainable, as new supply set to be released in 2023 will be unable to satisfy current demand. Furthermore, the population and number of new buyers entering the market are expected to increase, exacerbating the disparity between supply and demand.


Our latest market report provides a comprehensive analysis of Dubai's off-plan market and explores these points in greater depth. The report delves into the reasons behind the market's success, its current state, and its future outlook.