Dubai – Safest City in The World

Written by Silvana Fitzpatrick

As a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city of the future, Dubai places an enormous emphasis on safety and security, as integral qualities of life.

Dubai’s safety is a key element and one of its biggest advantages, which highlights the city’s competitiveness when it comes to the security of its citizens. With residents coming from more than 180 different countries and over 100 nationalities living and working together in the emirate, Dubai is virtually crime-free, and UAE has been named the world’s safest country, retaining its first place in the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) this year.

The ranking is based on findings by the Institute for Economics and Peace and is due to UAE’s ongoing efforts to ensure maximum safety, combat crime and prevent any extremist activities within its borders.

Moreso, studies conducted by Georgetown University point to the UAE ranking highest worldwide, when it comes to women’s perception of their safety.

The result indicates that 98.5 percent of women feel totally safe in Dubai and the rest of UAE, while 95 percent of residents reported feeling safe walking alone at night in their communities.

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It comes as no surprise that people living in Dubai validate the city’s safety, as a result of the level of security they have here. And that’s not all - UAE has achieved fourth place in the Safe Cities Index as the ideal city for expats to live and work in.

What Factors Place Dubai among Safest Cities in the World?

The Competitiveness Office in Dubai Economy recently released a policy brief titled “Safety and Security Competitiveness in Dubai”. The policy analyses factors and elements responsible for the rise of Dubai into one of the world’s safest cities, as well as spreading awareness of the emirate’s competitiveness on a global scale.

For decades, Dubai’s biggest drive and desire was to be at the most secure haven, a status that the city has greatly earned through progressive strategies and reforms, socioeconomic national plans, and consistent investment to serve its residents.

The UAE government’s efforts and focus on the safety and security of citizens and visitors is crucial in attracting investors and the world's top talent to Dubai, while offering an ideal, safe environment for them to live, work, and prosper.

Dubai is ranked first in more than 11 indicators of personal safety across various competitiveness indices such as the Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index and the Smart Cities report by IMD World.

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Dubai's first-place ranking reflects the central role of the local police and other institutions in prioritising personal safety. Another reason for Dubai's high ranking was its low crime rate and women-only sections on public transportation.

Dubai Police – “Your Security, Our Happiness”

The Dubai Police force has long been regarded as one of the most technologically advanced in the Arab world. It was one of the first regional police forces to use DNA testing in criminal investigations, one of the first to use electronic fingerprinting, and one of the first to go paperless. Incredibly innovative and digitally connected, Dubai Police offers over 80 different services to the public.

Aside from pursuing cutting-edge technology in crime prevention, policing, and forensics, the Dubai Police is a tactical force of strategy and endurance that ranks among the best in the world.

As part of its efforts to consistently empower women across policing disciplines, Dubai Police General Command announced in January its first all-women SWAT team. Women are celebrated in the police force for their significant added value, due to their perseverance and excellence.

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Dubai SWAT Challenge 2023

The UAE SWAT Challenge is returning to Dubai this month from 20th to 24th of February, hosted by the Dubai Police at Al Rowaiyah Range. After the success of previous editions, the international competition will continue to project its inspiration upon participating teams, promote collaboration across special tactical skills, and encourage the exchange of ideas, solidarity, and respect.

The initiative is indicative of Dubai’s commitment to pursuing the highest level of policing practices while showing the entire UAE the top-level skills possessed by SWAT teams and policing professionals, in the spirit of mutual values.

The Dubai team is highly prepared to respond to any high-risk events. One way to assess their level is to put them to the test by having them compete in the SWAT Challenge against other national and international SWAT squads, which tests each team's strength, stamina, skills, tactics, tactical planning, leadership, shooting proficiency, observations skills, decision making, and teamwork.

The SWAT Challenge 2023 will see the arrival of over 36 participating teams in Dubai, competing in five Challenge Categories meant to test their skills, efficiency, and readiness to combat assault, officer rescue, and obstacle challenges.

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SWAT 2023 Open to Public

The event is open to the public and will also be broadcasted on tv from 8 am to 6 pm, throughout the competition.

If you wish to witness or participate in this exciting experience, you can do so at the Visitor's SWAT Challenge, which is located in the SWAT Village. At the Heritage Village, visitors can also embrace traditional crafts, dresses, and other heritage items.

The contest will reserve a big prize for the winner, rewarding the mental focus and physical endurance needed by the SWAT teams.

Participating in SWAT competitions saw Dubai Police gain significant international experience and recognition, where they achieved exceptional rankings ever since they entered the first competition in 2004. In 2019 Dubai Police won first place, and for five consecutive years from 2005 to 2009, the team secured third place in the international SWAT events.

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The SWAT teams display a remarkable set of talents and skills that highlight their spirit, enthusiasm, teamwork, and exercise intensity.

While the activities held in Dubai represent tests and obstacles that the teams have to endure, in reality they face these challenges every day, in the line of duty.