Community Guide: Al Barari

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Dubai has come a long way from its humble desert beginnings, transforming itself into a metropolis that stands shoulder to shoulder with global giants such as London, New York, and Hong Kong. While it is generally associated with colossal skyscrapers and buildings overflowing with superlatives, there are a few suburban surprises up the city’s sleeve that offer a stark contrast to the concrete jungle. One of those pleasant surprises is Al Barari, a community with a heart as green as its thumb.

1- Al Barari Overview

Al Barari is a highly exclusive development located in the very centre of Dubai, and is part of the massive district known as Dubailand. It is about a 20-minute drive from the bustling Downtown district and is secluded from the world around it despite lying next to a major highway.

1.Going Green 2. Sustainability
3. Rejuvenating Body, Mind and Soul 4. At Home in Nature


Going Green

The one word that comes to mind when talking about Al Barari is ‘green’. The community spans an impressive 18.42 million square feet, and more than 60% of that area is dedicated to greenery and natural spaces in the form of lush gardens, landscaped walkways, lakes and freshwater streams. Driving through the green canopy that frames the entrance gates, you’d be forgiven for thinking you took a wrong turn into a completely different city. You can still see the Burj Khalifa gleaming in the distant horizon if you look for it, but your eyes will most likely be drawn to the nearly endless foliage that surrounds the area.



Villas in Al Barari are not just green because of their surroundings, though. The minds behind the development, including Chairman Zaal Mohammed Zaal, have put in place a number of sustainable initiatives that maintain the environment and reduce the area’s carbon footprint considerably. All of the lightings uses solar energy and motion-activated lights.


Rejuvenating Body, Mind and Soul

While maintaining the community and its natural beauty is of utmost importance, Al Barari also understands the importance of nurturing its residents. To that end, three major facilities have been put in place.


At Home in Nature

Al Barari is one of Dubai’s most unique suburbs and has a selection of very fine homes to complement its natural landscape. The Residences and The Reserve are the two biggest villa communities, comprising beautiful bespoke residences on large plots that give them plenty of yard space.

2- Things To Do in Al Barari

Al Barari is a beautiful and one of the family-friendly residential areas in Dubai. There are plenty of things to do in Al Barari, from exploring the extraordinary gardens to enjoying the luxurious lifestyle the area offers. Here are some of the 7 top things to do in Al Barari.

1. Visit The Gardens

Al Barari is a perfect place to explore stunning gardens. Of course, the Botanic Garden is a must-see, home to over 7,000 plants and flowers. However, the Desert Garden is perfect for those who want to experience more than just pretty flowers. This garden includes a camel farm, an aviary, and a petting zoo.

2. Take Advantage of the Luxury Lifestyle

Al Barari is known for its luxury lifestyle, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy this while visiting. From indulging in a spa day at one of the many world-class resorts to enjoying a meal at lush green restaurants, there is no shortage of ways to treat yourself while in Al Barari.

3. Global Village

The Global Village of Dubai will take all your senses on an exotic journey through various countries around the planet with delicious food from each region and give them anything they need help exploring. The Global Village is just a minute's drive from the prestigious and lush green Al Barari.

4. Play A Round of Golf

The nearest golf club in Al Barari is the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, making it the perfect place to tee off during your vacation.

5. The Lake

The Lake at Al Barari is an artificial lake, and this man-made lake was designed to resemble a natural body of water and add to the beauty of the gardens. The lake is home to a range of wildlife, which can be observed from the comfort of one of the many lakeside pavilions. Residents can also enjoy various activities on and around the lake, including cycling. Also, the fantastic kids' play area is perfect for a family fun day out.

5. Al Barari Cycling Track

The Al Barari Cycling Track is great for cycling enthusiasts and beginners alike. This 1.8km track winds its way through the lush green landscape of Al Barari, making for a picturesque ride. There is also a shorter 0.8km option for people not feeling up to tackling the whole track.

6. Kids Zone

Al Barari has an amazing kids' zone area designed specifically for little ones, with age-appropriate activities and games. So if you want a place to let your kids run wild or want a break from the sun, the kid's zone at Al Barari is the perfect spot.

7. Clubhouse & Beach Club

The elegant clubhouse building, with its beautiful views over the resort's gardens and retail areas, is a popular spot for drinks at sunset. In addition, plenty of terraces allow you to enjoy your favourite tipple in comfort.

3- Schools in Al Barari Dubai

Many international schools near Al Barari offer a quality educational system for their students. Here we have recommended the 3 best schools in Al Barari according to their reviews, ratings, and environment.

Dunecrest American School

Dunecrest epitomizes Esol Education’s deep expertise in international education, from designing optimal learning spaces and recruiting the best educators to building a robust curriculum and creating a rich array of diverse activities, together weaving a wonderful, inclusive community of learners where each student is recognized and celebrated.

Repton School Dubai

Repton School Dubai, part of Excella, is an international, co-educational school founded in 2007. The school caters to students from ages 3 to 18 and has boarding facilities for students from age 11. It is a partner school of the original Repton School in the UK, founded in 1557.

Jumeirah English Speaking School

At JESS, the vision of ‘Educating To Make A Difference In The World’ means every action must have a purpose. We are determined that members of our JESS community are responsible for making a positive impact, of any scale, on either a friend, family, movement or oneself. We aim to create an environment that encourages this to occur every day. This ethos is enabled by a powerful culture of nurture and aspiration, underpinned by high expectations and equally high standards. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships between students who are eager to learn, and teachers who are skilled and motivated to make this happen. Our students and teachers inspire each other, and these positive relationships, coupled with purpose and ambition, create an irresistible formula.

4- Restaurants In Al Barari 

For years now, Al Barari offering the best mouthwatering cuisine to its residents. Here are some of the finest restaurants in Al Barari where residents can go at any time to have a great meal.

  • The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari
  • Zaya Hideout

5- Hospitals In Al Barari

Hospitals in Al Barari are known to provide the best possible services, which is why they're highly reputed throughout this part of Dubai. They offer everything from medical procedures like surgery and treatments with medication up to preventative healthcare measures such as checkups for cholesterol levels or blood pressure readings, among other things.

6- Al Barari Real Estate Market Report

The demand for property in Al Barari has been high due to the community's popularity for family-friendly living. Yet there are limited options available because it is an exclusive area for families who want to live in lush greenery, which prompts potential buyers to invest more in this beautiful community.

7- Properties in Al Barari

​Latest Al Barari Apartments for Sale

The latest Al Barari apartments for sale come with world-class amenities and features that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Below are some of the brand new apartments in Al Barari:

Latest Al Barari Villas for Sale

One of Dubai's most exclusive addresses, Al Barari, is renowned for its lavish villas. A new development of bespoke villas for sale in Al Barari is now available in this prime community, offering discerning buyers the perfect home. These brand new villas are finished to the highest standards, with superb attention to detail. These units are sure to impress, from the majestic exterior to the luxurious interior. Al Barari is the place to live for those looking for a truly unique, luxury home or investment.

Latest Al Barari Penthouses for Sale

Al Barari Penthouses offer upscale homes in a gated community with all the amenities and breathtaking views of the surroundings. Living in this area provides you access to The Farm (one of the top organic food restaurants), Heart & Soul Spa, The Wellness Zone, and the community park.

To Rent

The greenish community also offers some of the finest properties to rent, including a landscaped garden, a private swimming pool, extra space for friend gatherings, and an ensuite maid's room.

The Latest Al Barari Villas for Rent

One of the greener areas of the city offers brand new rental villas in Al Barari as well for those who love to live in one of the family-friendly communities in Dubai. These majestic units are newly constructed with all the modern facilities, from unique interior designs to landscaped gardens or a private pool.

Al Barari Property Tours

We at offer our clients a property tour to discover more about the uniqueness of the units. Have a look at some of our top property tours:

9- Al Barari Investment Property

Those investors looking to invest in Dubai real estate market and want to have a lower risk ratio, Al Barari is worth considering for investments. Its prime location, lush gardens, serene lakes, and top-notch facilities provided by its developer make that area hot for investors who are looking for a good return on investment from their rental units. Contact our us today to learn more about this unique neighbourhood and how we can help you find your dream Al Barari home.