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Community Guide: Al Barari

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Dubai has come a long way from its humble desert beginnings, transforming itself into a metropolis that stands shoulder to shoulder with global giants such as London, New York and Hong Kong. While it is generally associated with colossal skyscrapers and buildings overflowing with superlatives, there are a few suburban surprises up the city’s sleeve that offer a stark contrast to the concrete jungle. One of those pleasant surprises is Al Barari, a community with a heart as green as its thumb.

Al Barari is a highly exclusive development located in the very centre of Dubai, and is part of the massive district known as Dubailand. It is about a 20-minute drive from the bustling Downtown district and is secluded from the world around it despite lying next to a major highway.
1.Going Green 2. Sustainability
3. Rejuvenating Body, Mind and Soul 4. At Home in Nature

Going Green

The one word that comes to mind when talking about Al Barari is ‘green’. The community spans an impressive 18.42 million square feet, and more than 60% of that area is dedicated to greenery and natural spaces in the form of lush gardens, landscaped walkways, lakes and freshwater streams. Driving through the green canopy that frames the entrance gates, you’d be forgiven for thinking you took a wrong turn into a completely different city. You can still see the Burj Khalifa gleaming in the distant horizon if you look for it, but your eyes will most likely be drawn to the nearly endless foliage that surrounds the area. 

With over 500 varieties of plant life, much of which is spread across six themed gardens and in the world’s largest privately owned plant nursery, skyscrapers fade to a distant memory here.

Aside from its carefully cultivated flora, Al Barari is also home to a thriving wildlife population, including several species of indigenous animals, birds and fish. A subspecies of the Arabian Toothcarp, for example, has almost been driven to extinction in the wild, but has found a new lease on life in the streams of Al Barari. As you explore the natural expanse of the area, you might just happen upon a few deer, or perhaps a peacock strolling across the grounds.



Villas in Al Barari is not just green because of its surroundings, though. The minds behind the development, including Chairman Zaal Mohammed Zaal, have put in place a number of sustainable initiatives that maintains the environment and reduces the area’s carbon footprint considerably.

All of the lighting uses solar energy and motion-activated lights. Additionally, the design of the community has been crafted so that natural light flows through every part of it as much as possible, further reducing energy consumption. Waste management systems recycle much of the green waste and compost it to enrich the soil, and inorganic waste is handled separately and safely.

Water treatment and conservation is a large part of Al Barari’s sustainability goals. All of the lakes and streams are fed with recycled water that has been thoroughly treated to remove impurities, and this same water is used to irrigate the landscape.


Rejuvenating Body, Mind and Soul

While maintaining the community and its natural beauty is of utmost importance, Al Barari also understands the importance of nurturing its residents. To that end, three major facilities have been put in place.

The Farm – A gourmet restaurant that produces wholesome and nutritious food made with choice organic ingredients. The Farm is set in idyllic surroundings, overlooking lush landscapes and beautiful waterways.

Body Language – A premium glass-walled health club that overlooks pristine gardens, Body Language Health Club includes state-of-the-art equipment, an infinity pool and personal training sessions to help realize individual fitness goals.

Heart & Soul – What better place to unwind after a stressful day than in a luxury spa set amidst beautiful greenery. Like all of its facilities, Al Barari enhances the treatments of this exceptional wellness centre with the help of its setting.


At Home in Nature

Al Barari is one of Dubai’s most unique suburbs, and has a selection of very fine homes to complement its natural landscape. The Residences and The Reserve are the two biggest villa communities, comprising beautiful bespoke residences on large plots that give them plenty of yard space.

In line with the community’s growth, a number of new developments have been coming up and are on the cusp of completion. 

The Nest, made up of just 55 villas, is a quiet neighbourhood with winding tree-lined streets. Ashjar, named after the Arabic word for ‘tree’, is a low-rise apartment complex with an extensive underground parking area that renders the complex grounds completely car-free. The last of the developments is Seventh Heaven, an apartment building resembling a contemporary take on a stepped pyramid, featuring fantastic modern homes and very wide terraces.

Properties in Al Barari:

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