Velocity Black: Concierge of the Future

26 July 2022 Written by awais

Time is something you don’t ever get back, which is why it’s your most precious asset. Time is the one asset that is absolutely priceless. Unlike money, once the time is gone, it’s gone, forever. Time passes anyway, so why not make every moment count?

Velocity Black was created for this reason; to give you the gift of time.

“Don’t let life pass you by” – Velocity Black

Velocity Black 1

Velocity Black is a digital virtual assistant designed to enhance every aspect of day-to-day living. It’s the digital concierge you didn’t know you need. From booking flights, sending you boarding passes, reserving hotels, and reserving tables at restaurants, to helping you discover luxury experiences, services, and VIP events from all over the world, Velocity has you covered, every step of the way.

Experience the best-of-the-best

Velocity can recommend places and services you didn’t know were offered, couldn’t access before, or simply have no time to do the research to find all the best experiences a place has to offer.

It’s a member’s club that offers assistance services, luxurious experiences, and finding special events around the globe. From watching Orca migrations, training like a ninja in Japan, dinner in a pyramid in Egypt, to exclusive award night after-parties, Velocity helps you create an extraordinary life.

Convenience and luxury wrapped into one

Velocity Black 2

Velocity describes this current age as an “experience generation”. More than things and objects, most seek experiences and memories, a life of ease, and the ability to soak up each moment, experience new things, and see breathtaking places.

You prompt Velocity in the same way you might with Siri or an Alexa device. It’s a voice-activated conversational experience, and Velocity walks you through each step and does the work on the backend of your requests and needs.

Velocity makes booking experiences easy. Velocity Black can help you book that luxury trip around the world, or an unforgettable dining experience, with just a few commands, and voila, Velocity Black does the rest for you so you can take your time back.

Modern tech with a human touch

Velocity Black 3

Balancing Artificial Intelligence with the warmth of the human experience, Velocity is a concierge for the digital age with a personal touch. It’s fast and easy to use, responding similarly to voice recognition like Alexa or Google Home.

Using voice recognition technology, Velocity can answer requests for bookings, for travel, dining, experiences, and events, and even goes the extra mile by suggesting experiences or solutions you may have never thought of. Velocity is always two steps in front of you for all your concierge needs.

Who It Is For

Personal Use

For the individual looking to optimize their time, find more ease in life, and look for better and more unique experiences and opportunities for luxury and adventure. It’s perfect for busy schedules, travelers, etc.


Velocity Black can also be used for business as a Customer Relations Concierge for your customers and clients. Velocity Black has a 60-second response time for fast and prompt service, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Velocity can automate the customer experience for your business. With a fully customizable interface, you can tailor Velocity to fit all of your customer’s needs.

All the features

Available in over 60 countries, Velocity offers one-of-a-kind experiences that most never experience or know of. Velocity gives you unique and tailored experiences from all over the world. No more time wasted hassling to try to get flights, rides, and hotels booked.

The digital assistant can also help you find discounted private, first class, and business flights, access to events that have already sold out, reservations to some of the most highly coveted dining experiences, and countless travel upgrades. Velocity does it all for you, and within a one-minute response time, any time of the day and any day of the week.

Velocity Black gives back

Velocity gives back to the community and the world by supporting Action Against Hunger—a global humanitarian organization created to feed malnourished children and create access to clean water for communities.

More than just another app, Velocity Black makes an impact on not just its own members’ lives, but of the lives of others who are in need, hungry, and looking for sustainable solutions.

How To Apply

Velocity Black currently has a waiting list. You can get on their waiting list today by visiting They have already created over 45,000 experiences in over 60 countries, with founding members like Gigi Hadid. A private membership for a year is currently over $2,800 after you’ve been approved and invited.

“Live a limitless life”

Velocity makes your life easier and opens the doors to new experiences. The digital service does the work and research for you, opening up the realms of travel and experiences you never thought were possible.

You can take Velocity Black with you anywhere around the world, making the possibilities endless. Partnering with thousands of brands around the world, Velocity is the ultimate global concierge, and the best part is that it fits in your pocket.