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The Best Online Grocery Deliveries in Dubai

23 March 2020 Written by Staff Writer

As self-isolation continues to be in effect across the UAE for the short-term, it’s important to have a good stock of supplies so you can still enjoy a wonderful gourmet meal at home. Fortunately, you can get groceries delivered right to your door, with everything from organic vegetables to gluten-free flour. Here are some of the best online grocery delivery options in Dubai.

6 Best Online Grocery Dubai 2022

1. M&S Food 2. Kibsons 3. Biorganic
4. Secrets Fine Food 5. Hello Chef 6. The Honest Counter

1. M&S Food

If you are looking for premium British ingredients, Marks & Spencer Food is by far one of the best options around. With several outlets across Dubai, it’s easy to get everything you need to put together a classic roast for a family dinner or tartlets for some tasty hors d’oeuvres. M&S Food has recently launched a delivery app and for a minimum order of AED 150, you can get everything you need delivered to you. If you’re looking for some recipe tips, there is a companion app called Cook with M&S.


2. Kibsons

Kibsons is one of the oldest food importers in Dubai, with a 35-year history of bringing farm-fresh ingredients from across the world to the emirate. Over time, Kibsons evolved into an online grocery, granting you direct access to all of those ingredients. You can pick out individual ingredients or ‘boxes’ themed around specific recipes. The minimum order is AED 100 and, with the recent boost in the app’s popularity, there might be a bit of a wait time for delivery so it’s best to plan ahead.


3. Biorganic

Home of the best organic produce in Dubai, Biorganic gives you everything you need for a meal that you can feel good about. The store stocks everything from greens to dairy that is sourced from organic farms, and even has a separate section for organic baby food. Delivery in Dubai requires a minimum order of AED 150, plus a delivery fee of AED 25, but it’s a price worth paying for a hearty, healthy meal made with nature’s finest ingredients.


4. Secrets Fine Food

If you want only the top shelf ingredients to prepare a meal worthy of Michelin-star dining, then Secrets Fine Food has you covered. It is, after all, trusted by several of Dubai’s restaurant professionals, so it should be no surprise that it’s your perfect option for a high-end meal at home. The site covers everything quite a broad spectrum, including organic produce from local Emirati farms, specially sourced ingredients from across Europe, gluten-free foods and seasonal ingredients.


5. Hello Chef

Meal planning is made incredibly simple with Hello Chef, which lets you choose recipe boxes with all of the ingredients for each meal conveniently picked out for you. You can opt for the Choice Box, which gives you access to 20 recipes per week, or the Classic Box, which only includes 9 recipes. You can pick from a variety of gluten and dairy-free recipes to suit your dietary requirements, and most of them take no longer than half an hour to put together.


6. The Honest Counter

At a minimum spend of AED 50, The Honest Counter is a fairly affordable way to get all the produce and other ingredients that you need. Deliveries are carried out on specific days, which you will need to check on their website and plan accordingly. Many of the ingredients are grown on a local farm in Abu Dhabi, and everything on the site has been carefully sourced so you get the freshest and most nutritious food available to you.

Marks & Spencer image courtesy of M & S Food.

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