Knights and Lords Dubais Leading Bespoke Tailors

14 June 2024 Written by Staff Writer

A well-dressed man catches the eye, but a bespoke suit makes heads turn. It showcases refined personal taste and the wearer's unique personality. The concept of bespoke tailoring predates mass-produced clothing, emphasizing its long-standing tradition. For exclusive custom tailoring, knights and lords dubai offers unmatched quality and style.

In Dubai, the name of Knights and Lords is synonymous with high-class bespoke tailoring for men of all ages and preferences. The tailors have developed a cult following over the years; with their unmatched craftsmanship a source of delight for clients across all walks of life. So, let’s read what makes Knights and Lords the go to place for men’s bespoke clothing.

History of Knights and Lords - One Of The Best Tailors In Dubai

1. Early Beginnings 2. Bespoke Suits and Tux
3. Double Breasted Tailored Suits 4. Bespoke Blazers
5. Bespoke Shirts 6. Handmade Shoes
7. Location 8. Final Words

1. Early Beginnings

knights and lords dubai

Formed in 2010, Knights and Lords is the brainchild of brothers Pawan and Ashish; two highly passionate tailors who learnt their trade at the famed Savile-Row London - the place which is hailed as the home of bespoke tailoring. Apprenticeship at the institute further helped hone the craft of the two gentlemen; and it was after their study at the institute that they sowed the seeds of what Knights and Lords is today.

The duo also published a book on the art of bespoke tailoring, titled “The Business of Bespoke” in 2020, which breaks down the process of customized tailoring with visual references. The book is a great reference point for those looking to venture into bespoke tailoring.

A good suit grabs attention, while a bespoke suit captures imagination. As part of the New Bespoke Movement, the acclaimed tailors aim to educate and inspire people on the numerous benefits of wearing a bespoke suit.

2. Bespoke Suits and Tux

Knights & Lords 2

Having perfected the art of bespoke tailoring from the place where it all started (Savile-Row), Knights and Lords offers you the opportunity to speak to one of their in-house tailors and explain your preferences. Knights and Lords pursue the highest standards in bespoke tailoring, and hence, the attention to detail is impeccable. You also get visual cues to help you decide – as in, once the order is placed, a visual imagination of the dress will be shared with you to give you an idea of how it would look.

3. Double Breasted Tailored Suits

Knights & Lords 3

While Double Breasted Tailored Suits are undoubtedly the invention of Englishmen; Knights and Lords have perfected it in the Middle East; and offer patrons a chance to revel in the classic British outfit that’s been around for ages. The double-breasted suit distinguishes itself from the rest – by combining vintage elegance with a contoured, fitted look. At Knights and Lord, the iconic double breasted suit is tailored using ethos borrowed from Savile-Row London.

4. Bespoke Blazers

Knights & Lords 4

A bespoke blazer is an ideal companion for a plethora of settings. From corporate meetings and presentations to hangouts and dinner dates, one cannot go wrong with it. Custom-made blazers by Ashish and Pawan at Knights and Lords are light as feather, and serve as a marvelous second skin. What’s more impressive is these bespoke blazers strike a perfect balance between formal and casual wear. The materials used are of the highest quality, while the craftsmanship that goes into their making is second to none. Wearing a bespoke blazer is a style statement that recognizes one as a man of refined taste.

5. Bespoke Shirts

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A bespoke formal shirt represents a man’s desire to stand out and from the crowd and to project a unique identity. The fine people at Knights and Lords highlight all aspects of a man’s personality in their shirt so it reminds them who they are. From personal branding ideas to boutique cufflink options, Knights and Lords have you covered in all departments. All bespoke work is done with utmost precision, so that the client cherishes every moment they don their shirt.

6. Handmade Shoes

Knights & Lords 6

While it’s true that shoes take you places; the handmade shoes by Knights and Lords lets one carve their own path. They look sleek, elegant and grand. As with other bespoke items on offer, they retain the characteristics of their wearer. Crafted using premium leather, the shoe actually takes longer to craft than a suit; which goes to show the amount of sheer detail that goes into the making. Once the client settles on a design, the tailors begin the process of crafting the shoes.

First, premium quality leather is cut, which is then stitched together in a manner that maintains the concaves and curves of the shoe design. In the last phase, the shoes are subtly embellished to give them a comfortable feel. The balancing is also done in this phase, by utilizing a leather strip, which absorbs your weight as you move along.

7. Location

Knights & Lords 7

As for the location, the showroom is in the Umm Al Sheif Area, on Sheikh Zayed road. The place can also be accessed via the metro Green Line, and public buses. Clients are required to make prior appointments to see the tailors.

8. Final Words

Knights and Lords are without question the most trusted bespoke tailors in Dubai. With a rich history and impressive background, the tailors espouse the Savile-Row spirit of bespoke tailoring, which is reflected in all of their bespoke creations. So, before the next time you spend a thousand dollars on a suit, get in touch with the people at Knights and Lords and get a bespoke creation to mirror your personal taste.