Small Home Gym Ideas To Build Your Own Gym At Home

24 November 2021 Written by Staff Writer

Most people, when they hear the words 'home gym', immediately think of some dark basements with rusty working-out equipment. Let us face it - nobody wants, nor will ever want, to work out in those doldrums. A home gym must be bright, clean, uncluttered, and above all, motivating and inspiring. Believe it or not, but a well-designed gym will not only encourage you to break a sweat but it will also motivate you to maximize your effort. Luckily, some of the best interior designers and private trainers have teamed up and figured out home to make home gyms do exactly that. And, guess what - we know their secret. S o, if you want us to share it with you, just keep on reading. Here are 6 tips for designing a home gym for your home.

6 Best Home Gym Ideas For Small Spaces

1. Pick the Biggest Room

Home Gym 1

2. Choose the Right Color for Your Walls

The next step towards designing a home gym is choosing the color of the walls. For that, we recommend either white or some vibrant color. White walls will give you the freedom to play with other colors and maybe even glue some motivational posters and quotes. And, vibrant colors will wake you up. It does not matter which vibrant color you want to use for your gym walls - pick your favorite. But, whatever you do, do not choose something warm and earth-like such as beige, grey, yellow, etc., as those colors are relaxing and soothing. And, even though relaxing and soothing sound great, it is not something you want to do in the gym.

Home Gym 2

3. Choose the Right Type of Flooring

Once you have painted the walls of your new home gym, it is time to choose the right type of flooring for it. In general, you need to start with a hard surface floor, such as cement, wood, or tile. These three types of floors can work with any type of home gym you plan on 'installing'. However, if you want to be a bit more creative, you can also add some other materials to your floors.

4. Add a Big Mirror

Previously we said that you can put some motivational posters or quotes on the wall that will push you when you start to run out of motivation. But, do you know what is the number-one motivator in all gyms? Mirrors! No, mirrors should not be used for flexing and making gym selfies after basking under the sun. Rather, they should be used for you monitoring your exercises and, of course, for you motivating yourself. Thus, invest in a big mirror. If possible, add a full-length one.

Home Gym 3

5. Let There Be Light

6. Invest in a Good Surround System

The right music will energize you and push you harder than you think. Of course, this 'right' music can be easily found on YouTube, for example. Just look for something fast and motivating. However, if you play this music on your phone or IPad, you may not get the same effect as you would get with a good surround system. According to recent research, people who exercise in a place where there is surround sound accomplish twice as much than they do in gyms that have light, background music or no music at all.

Home Gym 4

In Conclusion

These were the 6 most important tips for designing a home gym for your luxury home. But, the truth is, there are many many more things you can do to make your home gym not only effective and motivating but also one-of-a-kind. The most important thing is to start with a big and clutter-free room just as previously mentioned. Of course, if you do not have that big of a room, you do not need to buy a new home. Use your basement or attic. Just make sure you follow all the steps from above and you can transform any room into a perfect home gym.

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