Season 4

Episode 6: The Fundamentals of Good Service

20 December 2022 Written by Arpan

White glove services are one of the cornerstones of the hospitality industry and are becoming increasingly popular in the luxury residential sector. Truly, there is no greater sense of luxury than being assured that all of life's details are being managed by safe hands while you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Matteo Vigano and Emilie Alvernhe, the founders of First-Class Concierge Services and long-time hospitality experts, talk about what it takes to provide service that has a truly personal touch.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Matteo and Emilie's experiences in the hospitality industry, including working together at Emirates Palace
  • What led to the founding of first-class concierge services
  • How anyone in the hospitality industry can take service to the next level
  • The biggest challenges when dealing with clients and how to overcome them
  • How Covid has changed the hospitality and service industries
  • The future of First-Class Concierge

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