Season 3

Episode 5: Luxury, Made in Italy

30 November 2021 Written by Arpan

'Italian bespoke design' is a phrase that captures the very essence of luxury. Italy is one of the world's design powerhouses, whether it is in the world of fashion, automotive, or architecture. And there is one studio that is bringing the very best of Italian home architectural design to Dubai - Made in Italy 360, founded by Gratziela Gerkens. In this episode, Gratziela discusses her unique vision and her journey from designing penthouses in Europe to designing some of Dubai's finest mansions.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Made in Italy 360's latest project, the gorgeous Villa Blanca in Dubai Hills Estate
  • The design process that drives Gratziela's projects
  • Her design journey, from early beginnings in Italy to the founding of her own brand
  • What makes Made in Italy 360 stand out from other design houses operating in Dubai
  • Future projects in Dubai and beyond

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