Season 5

Episode 3: Walking the Path of Continued Real Estate Success

20 November 2023 Written by Staff Writer

Dubai's real estate market is extremely lucrative for professionals from all walks of life, who aim to live the so-called 'Dubai dream' as they market some of the finest homes in the city. But registered brokers number in the tens of thousands - how does any agent stand out and find continued success? Maisie Hopkins, Training and Development Manager at, has a few tips.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Maisie's background a sales trainer and her experience with BMW
  • Separating the dream from the reality of working in Dubai real estate
  • Finding the right brokerage to work for as a new agent
  • How agents can stand out and highlight their brand in a crowded market
  • The important of continued development and training
  • Working smart versus working hard

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