Season 3

Episode 2: Italian Luxury Mansions

7 October 2021 Written by Staff Writer

Dubai is a city focused on the idea of 'building greatness'. Having built itself up from a small port town to a thriving global metropolis, it is now a place where a lot of people want to build homes of their own. And if they are looking to create a luxury masterpiece, then LC & Partners is there to help. An engineering and project management firm with over a decade of experience in Europe and the Middle East, LC & Partners has introduced a new concept known as 'Italian Luxury Mansions'. If you own a plot of land, that you plan to develop, they will help you with the design and construction process, and even help you manage the property. Lorenzo Candelpergher, CEO of LC & Partners, joins us to talk more about the concept and the breadth of work his firm covers.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The need for high-quality design in Dubai that not only looks good, but is built to last centuries, and how Italian Luxury Mansions fills that need
  • A brief history of LC & Partners and their work across the Middle East - including Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE
  • The involvement of LC & Partners with Expo 2020, where they have consulted on 12 different pavilions
  • Continued involvement with Expo 2020 and what comes next

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