Season 3

Episode 18: Decrypting the Future of Cryptocurrency

31 May 2022 Written by Arpan

Virtual assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs are still often seen as a fad rather than a meaningful advancement in the way we think about the future of business. The crypto market is extremely volatile and many celebrities are creating NFTs that don't offer much value beyond the novelty factor. While new laws are being drafted to regulate virtual assets, is it really possible to create a robust regulatory framework? Khalil Kassam, the founder of NFT management agency Fomo Lab, looks past the hype and the headlines and helps to shed some light on the future of virtual assets.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Dubai's first Virtual Asset Law and the development of cryptocurrency regulations
  • The metaverse and its value in creating unique virtual experiences
  • The real value of NFTs beyond the art world
  • The founding and history of Fomo Lab and projects it is involved in
  • How Khalil's interest in the virtual world began
  • Next steps for virtual asset management and what's next for Fomo Lab

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