Season 3

Episode 1: Curating Luxury Experiences

23 September 2021 Written by Arpan

Luxury is often associated with material pleasures - expensive cars, fine jewellery and private yachts. But some of life's true luxuries are about unique experiences and sensations. In this super-sized episode we speak with Danny Meese, the New York-based founder of Metavore, a movement that is designed to provide a different perspective on luxury, one that promotes taking some time out to smell the roses. Join us as we learn more about the concept and about Danny's multifaceted creative journey.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The thought process behind Metavore
  • How the Metavore experiences are crafted
  • A brief detour into the word of gourmet cooking and Danny's previous work as a chef
  • Danny's creative background in advertising and marketing
  • The future of Metavore

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