Guide to Outdoor Design

4 April 2024 Written by Staff Writer

As Dubai’s weather grows increasingly pleasant, everyone is eager to spend more time outdoors. This is the season when tourists will be flocking the beaches and parks, while residents will want to enjoy al fresco dining on their night out. It is also the perfect occasion to start planning garden parties or weekend BBQs where family and friends can get together and make the most of the beautiful climate. While it’s certainly a good idea to give the patio deck a bit of a cleanup and to dust off the grill, there are a number of ways that you can enhance your outdoor space to make it more inviting and to create a more seamless connection to the indoors. Here are a few tips for how to design the perfect indoor-outdoor living space this autumn.

Comfortably Designed Outdoor Space in Dubai

Make a Plan

Designing the outdoors is no different from designing your interiors. It’s always recommended to plan the space out so you know how the area’s going to look and feel once it’s done. Make sure that as you design, there is enough room for people to move around and interact with each other easily. You don’t want to end up with a cramped backyard, even if the humidity’s low.

Comfort Over Style

If you have a sizable backyard or a large terrace, you might be tempted to make a bold statement that will turn the heads of your neighbours and any visitors by decorating the space with the most aesthetically unique furnishings you can find. But ultimately, if you are hosting an outdoor gathering (or just lounging in the backyard with family), then comfort is key. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to create a strong impression, make sure that your decor doesn’t compromise on cosiness.

Shaded Outdoor Spaces in Dubai

Keep a Roof Over Your Head

During the autumn and winter months in Dubai, the sun doesn’t blaze with the intensity you might experience in July or August. But it’s never a bad idea to have a little shade to keep you extra cool. You might install an awning over your back porch - one that’s retractable would be ideal for use all year round - or if you’ve got the space, a pergola or gazebo always adds a lovely touch to any garden. Planning a more extensive renovation job this autumn? Consider extending your patio out further to give you a larger covered space that’s flexible enough for gatherings of any size.

Take the Kitchen Outside

A BBQ pit or a grilling area is a staple of any outdoor entertaining setup, especially in Dubai’s prime villa communities where residents love making full use of their backyard space whenever possible. But if you want to take things up a notch, then an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic option to have. It doesn’t need to be as fancy as the setup you have indoors, and something that’s a bit more rustic has a charm all its own. You could consider a modular design that will be easy to rearrange, or even dismantle, as and when needed. And of course, it’s a great way to impress your guests with your culinary skills (or to display the talents of your private chef).

Green Backyard Dubai

Go Big on Greenery

If you live in an apartment or a penthouse, add some greenery to your balconies and terraces. Well-placed evergreens will bring a touch of warmth to the most starkly urban of landscapes, and can be nicely complemented by hanging trellises and some faux grass flooring. For villas, don’t limit the landscaping to the borders of your property - transform your backyard into a vibrant garden, and deck out your patio in greenery to bring nature right to your doorstep.

Go With the Flow

Water features are always a fantastic element for every outdoor area. The gentle trickling of a water fountain creates a sense of serenity and, depending on the design, the fountain itself can be a dramatic statement piece.

Play with Fire

At the peak of winter, evenings in Dubai get very chilly. A fire pit lets you and your guests enjoy the cool evening air while staying warm - you can also add some blankets and throw pillows to your seating area for added comfort.

y value, and gives you the perfect setting for a very enjoyable winter.
Backyard with Water Features Dubai

Be Sustainable

Sustainability has caught on in a big way in UAE’s design world. You can find a lot of wood furniture that has been made to last and includes other weather-resistant materials so that it lasts longer, even through the harsh summers. Many boutique design studios make sustainable furniture from carefully sourced and recycled materials as well, giving you ways to brighten up your outdoor space while making a positive environmental impact.

With some careful planning and attention to the finer details, you can create an exterior space that holds visual appeal, adds to your property value, and gives you the perfect setting for a very enjoyable winter.