Deep Dive Dubai - Exploring the Deepest Pool in the World

14 June 2024 Written by Staff Writer

Deep Dive Dubai is the latest attraction to be part of Dubai’s ever-expansive list of entertainment venues. The record-breaking project has been making the rounds ever since it was announced – piquing interest from all over the globe. The giant-sized pool offers a memorable adventure that takes you to the depths to explore what lies hidden. So, let’s read in detail about the record-setting pool.


1. A Record-Setter

Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai is a city known for pushing the extremes, and Deep Dive is no different. Taking a plunge takes you 60 meters below the surface – a world record. Operating under the safety of a controlled environment, the pool is ideal for beginners as well as experienced divers to discover the mysteries hidden in the waters. Created for people with a knack for adventure, the giant pool lets visitors dive into another universe and embark on a surreal underwater journey.

Taking inspiration from UAE’s pearl-diving past, the experience invites people to feel what it’s like to explore the waters in search of valuables. The daring project also highlights UAE’s ambition for the future – which is to push the envelope in all spheres of development for a prosperous future.

2. Highest Standards of Safety

Deep Dive Dubai 2

Maintaining the highest safety and hygiene standards is a common theme among all attractions in Dubai, and Deep Dive Dubai is no different. A freshwater purification plant is installed at the facility that pumps purified water to the pool at all times; while a team comprising of 12 capable divers are always on standby to handle any emergencies. Moreover, an underwater lighting and sound system with more than 50 cameras have been put in place to ensure safety of guests at all times.


3. Location

Deep Dive Dubai 3

Located in the neighborhood of Nad Al Sheba, the attraction is in close proximity to all major landmarks in the city. It takes a 15 minute drive from Downtown and a 25 minute journey from the airport to reach the location. While taking bus no.30 from Dubai Mall Metro Station Land Slide will take you to Nad Al Sheba in less than 30 minutes, from where you can get a taxi to reach the location.

4. Major Attractions

Deep Dive Dubai 4

Deep Dive Dubai is a complete adventure and recreational facility that has shops and kiosks for snacks and souvenirs. Even if you are hesitant to take a dive into the pool, you can always watch how others are faring through the glass viewing areas (think Dubai aquarium).


One of the most popular attractions at the venue, Discover lets scuba divers, snorkeling enthusiasts and first-timers to dive right into the pool and unravel the mysteries of a hidden city. To assist novice divers, professional divers are present in the pool at all times; and the maximum diving depth is set at 12 metres. Before diving in, you will be briefed by an expert, followed by some shallow water practice, and off you will go!

What’s better is, you get to take home a video of your exploits under the waters to share with friends and family. Visitors are not required to bring along a full set of equipment – since all the gear be provided by the facility.


Aimed at certified divers, the Dive experience lets you explore the pool in its entirety; based on your skill and experience. Discover the different sections of the lost city accompanied by the pool’s certified guide; Find hidden treasures, unexplored vaults, and murky chasms to unearth the treasures lost in time.

The attraction is exclusive only to certified divers and individuals above the age of 10; while the diving depth is determined by experience and certification. Beginners are allowed to dive up to 20 m, seasoned divers can plunge up to 30 metres, while trimix trained technical divers permitted to reach a depth of 60 metres with recent experience. Bringing diving certificates is mandatory to avail this experience.


Develop is in essence a diving and swimming school that teaches people to learn basic and advance techniques when getting into water. The institute offers globally accredited courses on scuba diving, free diving and deep water exploration. The unique underwater classrooms set the template for a fascinating learning experience.

The instructors carry global experience and are adept at speaking multiple languages to accommodate students. The only pre-requisite for students is to bring along a sense of adventure.

5. Final Words

Deep Dive Dubai 5

Dubai Deep Dive is one of the most enthralling attractions in Dubai, that’s been receiving attention from all corners of the world. The underwater experience lets people explore a hidden city in the presence of professionals; and side by side, a globally recognized learning facility teaches people the fundamentals of underwater exploration.

Future expansion plans include the development of an underwater film studio with a massive video wall and state of the art editing room. Whether you are a thrill seeker or just someone who has a penchant for exploring unique places, Deep Dive Dubai should definitely be on your bucket list.