Top Luxury Experiences in Dubai

Written by Arpan Ghosh

Come September school will be starting up again, which can bring about mixed emotions. On the one hand, there won’t be any impromptu family outings for a while and the house can feel a bit empty for most of the day. On the other hand, this leaves parents free to enjoy a little time to themselves. And what better way to get in some much needed ‘me’ time (or ‘us’ time) than with an entire day spent in luxury? These are some of the most lavish experiences in Dubai to shake off those back-to-school woes.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Luxury Experience -1-Hot Air Balloon Ride

Start off your day soaring over the deserts in a hot air balloon with falcons flying alongside you. Balloon Adventures Dubai offers a complete package that includes a balloon ride and some falconry followed by a drive over sand dunes in classic 1950’s Land Rovers to a Bedouin camp where a sumptuous breakfast spread will be awaiting you.

2. Personal Shopper

Luxury Experiences-2

Follow up your morning adventure with a little retail therapy accompanied by your very own personal shopper. Whether you want to fully update your wardrobe or just pick out an outfit for an upcoming function, a personal shopper can help you choose the best stores to visit and find the perfect outfit along with tips on styling and fit. They are also valuable sources of advice for gift buying, so you can sort out birthday and Christmas presents all in one go.


3. Yacht Cruise

Yacht Cruise Luxury Experiences-3

Once the shopping has been dropped off at home, you might spend the afternoon relaxing aboard a private yacht. You can charter a private yacht with Xclusive Yachts, who offer a variety of models that go up to 145 ft in length. Alternatively, you can book one of the yacht tour packages that go around Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab. There are additional options for private catering, a red carpet arrival and VIP security.

4. Private Dinner at The Terrace, Burj Al Arab

Luxury Experiences-4

After viewing the iconic Burj Al Arab during your cruise, why not follow it up by having a lovely private dinner there? The seven-star hotel offers many fantastic experiences, including a romantic dinner at The Terrace, home to the famous Scape Restaurant, two infinity pools and private cabanas with butler service. You can enjoy a special six-course meal in the open air surrounded by the night sky and the tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf. This experience is available from 7:30 pm onwards, so take your time shopping and cruising earlier in the day as you prepare to end the evening in style.

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