Best Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

2021 has been an eventful year for everyone in Dubai. The city not only battled Covid-19 with resounding success but also managed to host the much awaited EXPO 2020 - attracting a deluge of people from around the world. All in all, the current calendar year has been much better in many aspects than 2020. With 2022 on the cusp, let’s talk about some of the best ways to celebrate the outgoing year.

Fireworks Galore in Downtown

Downtown New Years Eve

Dubai enjoys the reputation of displaying some of the most elaborate displays of fireworks around the world. As part of the tradition every year, Burj Khalifa - the most iconic landmark in Dubai, will be hosting stunning firework displays, lights and laser flash across the horizon of Downtown Dubai. Moreover, you can also experience the dancing fountain show situated in Dubai Mall that takes place at an interval of every 20 minutes. Entry to Dubai Mall and the Fountain is completely free.

Book a Stylish Staycation

Staycation - New Years Eve

Dubai has some of the best hotels and resorts in the world. From the Venetian-style, Caesars Palace at Bluewaters Island to the exclusive Waldorf Astoria on the Palm, these waterfront hotels epitomise luxury. Book yourself a retreat in one of the luxury beachfront hotels and bask in the sun on the beach during the afternoon and witness the fireworks light up the sky at night. Also, a lot of these places offer unique and truly scrumptious dining experiences on New Year’s eve, so make sure you indulge yourself in one of those scrumptious new year three-course meals.

Explore Expo 2020

Expo-New Years Eve

What could be a better way to celebrate the new year than by visiting the grandest show on the planet? The Expo 2020 will be all geared up to welcome visitors on new year’s eve with a host of attractions. Get to the venue early, explore the numerous pavilions and marvel at the cultural, technological and futuristic exhibitions on display. Keep snacking up during the day and wait for midnight with the best of the world coming together for what would be an unforgettable new year’s party.

Move to the Beat

Zero Degree

Dubai has plenty of clubs and entertainment venues that let people shake a leg and grab a drink with the DJ on the floor. Our picks among the bunch include the rooftop lounge, Treehouse in Business Bay and Zero Gravity at Marina. Treehouse’s Mediterranean vibes lets you sip on your favourite cocktails while serving up gorgeous views of the city. Zero Gravity on the other hand is a swanky, two-tier club sitting on a private beach and a huge glass-fronted swimming pool in Palm Jumeirah. Again, it is advisable to reserve a table in advance to avoid missing out on a lively new year’s bash.

Head to Global Village


The Global Village is perhaps Dubai’s most dynamic and multi-cultural attraction; featuring uncountable stalls, carousel rides, stunt shows and more. For new year’s eve, the venue will host fireworks on a grand scale. The unique aspect here is that the fireworks start from the evening and continue all the way to midnight - mirroring new year’s eve in all the countries exhibited at the Village. It is advisable to reach the venue around 5 p.m, as the place can get congested with a deluge of people.

Dubai Marina

Marina new year

Lined with skyscrapers and luxury yachts and views of the sea, Dubai Marina is one of the most stunning places to be on new year’s eve. There are various spots throughout the neighbourhood where you can catch a glimpse of the fireworks - the most popular being the promenade and the sidewalks along the canal. These are also great spots to take insta-worthy photos with your loved ones. Other than that, you can also opt to have a new year’s meal at one of the numerous luxury beachfront restaurants and bars.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Dubai at Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai - New Year

Prepare yourself for views galore at Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel. Operational since October of 2021, the gigantic wheel provides stunning panoramic views of Dubai and its various landmarks. Located on Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai offers three experiences - the observation cabins, social cabins and the exclusive private cabins. Make sure you reserve your place in advance since a lot of people make bookings for the highly sought-after midnight spot.

Soak Up the Sun at La Mer Beach

La Mer - New Year

For a city that has a multitude of beaches, it is always hard to single out one for a festive occasion. But for new year’s eve, La Mer is the beach to be. Visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of the last sunset of 2021 against the backdrop of an orange hue sky. You can also catch all the fireworks happening across the skyline of Dubai. A picture-perfect place for families with kids, there are plenty of curb-side cafes, shops, walls covered in graffiti art and play areas for kids. Since the weather is expected to be chilly, make your way to the beach early to enjoy the glorious sunset.


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