Best Spas In The World - The Ultimate in Self-Care

Written by Kathryn Perry

Taking care of your external beauty and wellness is just as important as your inner wellbeing. Investing in your physical wellness and beauty is one of your greatest assets in life.

“Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization, 1948

The best spa treatments for beauty and wellness are the ones that incorporate a full body and mind rejuvenation. This is a compilation of some of the best spa treatments and wellness resorts in the world. These spa treatments will take relaxation to the next level.

1. Thalassotherapy at Forte Village Resort

Thalassotherapy at Forte Village Resort

Where: Sardinia, Italy

​Why we love it: Thermal salt baths, or “thalassotherapy”, date back to ancient Roman times. For thousands of years, Italy has kept this ancient practice going into modern days. There is a reason saltwater baths have stood the test of time. Naturally detoxing, different saline levels at different temperatures have healing properties for the skin and for other functions of the body. Indulge in this ancient practice for a full body renewal.

2. Exotic Spa Gardens at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius

Exotic Spa Gardens at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius

Where: Mauritius Island

Why we love it: The gardens at this resort have an abundance of tropical plants and flowers that are used in spa treatments and facials for a natural and healthy glow. You can walk through the garden of ingredients that are used for your healing and relaxation. Used for their healing properties, the gardens are cultivated with powerful plants like aloe vera and lemongrass for the spa treatments this resort offers. It is a luxurious and organic spa experience.

3. Six Sense Spa Gstaad at the Alpine Gstaad

Six Sense Spa Gstaad at the Alpine Gstaad

Where: Gstaad, Switzerland

Why we love it: This is a world-renowned spa in the gorgeous Alps of Switzerland. The Spa Gstaad brings an all-around approach to wellbeing, with an extensive and abundant spa menu. Facials, massage, and therapeutic healing, all use modern and spiritual approaches.

4. Spa at the Nihi Sumba

Spa at the Nihi Sumba

Where: Sumba Island, Indonesia

Why we love it: With breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean from the resort, it’s no wonder the spa and wellness treatments are popular at the Nihi. The resort offers services for the body, face, and soul. Relax into a massage, get a full body treatment, and even add on facial spa services while at your stay.

5. Hot Springs at Hoshinoya in Japan

Hot Springs at Hoshinoya in Japan

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Why we love it: On the top floor of the hotel are bath halls with steaming water from hot springs below the ground. There is both an indoor and outdoor bath, and they connect through tunnels. Hot springs have incredible benefits for one’s health. The mineral water detoxes the skin, increases electrolytes, and may even make your bones stronger. Soaking in these hot springs is a relaxing and powerful way to more wholeness.

6. Ayurveda at The Oberai

Ayurveda at The Oberai

Where: Chandigarh, India

Why we love it: Combining the luxury of modern spas with the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda, this is the perfect spa getaway for deep healing rejuvenation for mind, body, and spirit. This is one of the best holistic spa and wellness resets in the world and you can feel confident leaving at the end knowing you’re walking into a fresh new beginning.

7. HydraFacial at Spa Ojai

HydraFacial at Spa Ojai

Where: Ojai, California

​Why we love it: At Spa Ojai, you can expect everything from massage, to wellness, to all things beauty, including their impressive facial technologies. The Essential HydraFacial is one of the deepest cleanses and detoxes for your skin that you can experience. Using LED light therapy and a multi-step process to prep, clean, extract, and hydrate the skin, this facial is everything you need for a complete face makeover.

8. In-water Spa at Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon

In-water Spa at Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon

Where: Grindavík, Iceland

​Why we love it: An ethereal spa experience at the stunning Blue Lagoon offers you private access to an exclusive part of the lagoon. Experience it like no one else while swimming in the reserved part of the blue waters for spa guests only at the hotel—no tourists around. Because of its seclusion, in-water spa services are available for the healing of the body. Beat the crowds and get the VIP private experience in Iceland’s legendary Blue Lagoon.

9. Spa for One Night Party at Bürgenstock Hotels and Resort

Spa for One Night Party at Bürgenstock Hotels and Resort

Where: Obbürgen, Switzerland

Why we love it: Another favorite Alpine spa in the land of the Alps. The private spa offers incredible luxury that you can book for one night all to yourself and your guests, with a private pool overlooking the gorgeous views. Included in the package is dinner prepared by a private chef, dancing, and music with a DJ for the whole night until 2 am, and a sommelier and butler for the best service imaginable.

10. 21-Day Wellness Spa at Ranch La Puerta

21-Day Wellness Spa at Ranch La Puerta

Where: Mexico

Why we love it: At this resort, you can experience a 21-Day retreat for a wellness reset and spa. You’re given a private “casita”, and each one is uniquely designed, tucked away in the luxurious resort grounds and beautiful Mexican landscape. More than a getaway, the wellness program is an opportunity for a whole mind, body, and soul to reset and a new beginning. It is only a 30-minute drive from San Diego, California.

11. Spa Program at Aman

Spa Program at Aman

Where: Canyon Point, Utah

​Why we love it: Uses Navajo traditional practices and rituals for healing, incorporating the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water in their spa treatments and wellness services. Massage therapy is world-renowned. Indulge at this spa resort amidst the mystical western landscape.

12. Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Where: Dubai, UAE

Why we love it: It offers a full spa experience encompassing signature and organic treatments, their luxurious and indulgent Turkish Hammam, thalassotherapy, snow rooms, and other traditional spa facilities. This spa has everything for any need and preference, and probably something to try as well.


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