Best Places For Glamping In The World

Written by Enjay Malik

Glamping is the way to go for those who like to quench their thirst for travel and camping without having to deal with buzzing mosquitoes and lack of accommodation. 
With no hassle of owning camping gear and the benefit of luxurious living, glamping offers a method to navigate the most beautiful destinations with the pros of private space and many amenities on hand. Below is an elaborative guide to some of the best glamping spots worldwide for holiday experiences.

1. Bubble Lodge - Best Place For Camping In Iceland

Bubble Lodge - Best Place For Camping In Iceland

Image Source: Buubble

The Northern Lights are a wonder to witness; however, the trouble begins when it comes to identifying how to get the most out of the experience.  Of course, you don't want to squander any of your precious Northern Lights viewing time by staying in a hotel—but you don't want to risk freezing to death.

This is where the Bubble Lodge can help you. There are mattresses, comforters, and eye masks in the transparent bubbles if you wish to close your eyes and get a power nap before the lights put on a show. Guests' privacy is further protected by the fact that they are placed in a secluded area. Bathrooms, a shower, and a self-service kitchenette are available at a neighboring service station. All in all, the location caters to all your needs for holiday experiences.

2. Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine

Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine

Image Source: Sandy Pines Campground

Sandy Pines Campground's luxurious furnishings and high-end facilities will make you forget that you're camping in the woods. Everything from 430 sq. ft. family glamping tents to wooden camp cottages and refitted Conestoga wagons may be found on the site, from the a-frames for lone travelers to the Conestoga wagons for couples.

In most cases, guests may expect to sleep in one of the two-bed sizes (queen or king), with air conditioning, a fire pit, and a private outside area. It's less than a mile from Kennebunkport's less popular beach, Goose Rocks, and it's just a 10-minute drive downtown for some craft beer and delicious seafood like oysters.

3. Clayoquot Wilderness in British Columbia, Canada

Clayoquot Wilderness in British Columbia, Canada

Image Source: robbreport

Clayoquot Wilderness is a premium adventure the concept of seclusion to a new level, situated in British Columbia, Canada. This is an area of rugged wilderness, so you can glimpse the wildlife while you stay here. The only entrance into the camp is through a leased float aircraft from Vancouver that descends into the neighboring river.

This is one of the world's most exclusive glamping destinations because of its tranquility, seclusion, and an unparallel level of luxury vacation. Clayoquot Wilderness exclusively accepts reservations for 3, 4, or 7 nights, and their term only lasts from May to the end of September, so availability is always likely to be restricted.

This should give you an idea of the luxurious experience it might offer.  Helicopter trips, private rivers, wilderness trips, and up-close experiences with local species are available, in addition to the canvas accommodations.

4. Point Sands in Kintyre - One Of Best Camping Site In Scotland

Point Sands in Kintyre - One Of Best Camping Site In Scotland

Image Source: Point Sands Holiday Park

Everything is wonderful in the CaraPod's interior, but outside is where the beauty occurs for vacation experiences. In the contemporary, fully-stocked interior, for luxury experiences, guests can discover a nice, compact area with a wide choice of facilities. In the Kintyre peninsula's dunes, the Point Sands CaraPod & Hot Tub offers breathtaking views of the secluded Isle of Gigha.

A magnificent wooden deck on the pod provides a vantage point for taking in the scenery, which includes the ocean as well as the Isle of Gigha. Walking down the sands of the beach was a piece of cake because of the property's proximity to the water. Sounds great for vacation experiences, doesn't it?

5. Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert Resort - Place For Glamping In UAE

Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert Resort - Place For Glamping In UAE

Image Source: The Ritz-Carlton

As one of the world's most prestigious hotel brands, the Ritz Carlton is normally linked with opulence and luxury vacation. However, it has carried on the Bedouin's history and legends to develop a unique deluxe glamping vacation in Al Wadi Desert, United Arab Emirates.

Located in a few of the world's most breathtaking locations, it is one of the top glamping tourist destinations for vacation experiences. Whether you want to go dune crashing or learn about the traditional Asian way of life, you may spend the day discovering the wilderness and the desert. Under a tented home overlooking the desert, you may stay overnight in the shade of the dunes. In the Al Wadi, you may unwind in your spa while taking in the night sky from the privacy of your own poolside.

6. Pitahaya Glamping in Puerto Rico

Pitahaya Glamping in Puerto Rico

Image Source: Pitahaya Glamping

The Milky Way may be seen at night during the nation's first certified luxury vacation among Puerto Rico's deepest skies. You'll be only 20 minutes away from some of the most stunning beachfront on the southwest coast, where you'll be able to explore five acres of natural preserves. For those who would like to chill on their luxury vacation, pools are available for cooling down throughout the daytime.

You may go hiking, kayaking, bicycling, and camping within a 20-minute drive of some of the greatest beaches in the southwest, all while listening to the melodies of rare birds. With a nice night's sleep in a comfortable bed and a fully-equipped tent that includes everything you'll need to make your food, you'll have all you need for an enjoyable camping experience.

7. Luxury Vacation Tenting in Agafay Desert in Morocco

Luxury Vacation Tenting in Agafay Desert in Morocco

Image Source: Agafay Desert Luxury Camp

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this desert glamping town is for you. Even though Marrakech is just an hour away by car, visitors who stay in these tents will have nothing except their travel companions, the dunes, and the sounds of the wind to keep them company.

King-sized mattresses, private bathrooms, and wrought iron lamps light the way in each hotel's rooms for the perfect vacation experience. Every night, a Moroccan meal is prepared by the hotel's catering team, while other employees may assist with leading ATV trips of the nearby desert for an adventurous holiday experience.

Glamping holiday experience enables you to be connected to nature while being immensely Sustainable and environment-friendly compared to typical hotels. A beautiful Safari tent may be put up quickly to enable guests to witness animal herds in Africa. At the same time, great camps can bring unparalleled elegance to the dunes of the Middle East and more. Hopefully, this list will allow you to pick your next holiday experiences.

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