Best Airlines in the World - List Of luxurious Airlines

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

Since the turn of the century, major airlines around the globe are pushing one another in terms of providing the best flying experience to travelers - be it the in-flight meals, entertainment, luxury and comfort, on-time performance etc.

With Covid restrictions easing around the world, air travel is slowly picking up momentum. So, in this blog, we look at the best airlines in the world as voted by the people and experts from around the world.

6 Top Airlines In The World

6. Virgin Atlantic 5. Qantas Airways 4. Qatar Airways
3. Turkish Airlines 2. Singapore Airlines 1. Emirates

6. Virgin Atlantic - Top Rated Airline In The World

Virgin Atlantic

Having been founded nearly four decades ago, the marvelous carrier has been going from strength to strength over the years with outstanding in-flight offerings such as manicures and cocktail lounges, seat-back entertainment and a warm and friendly crew. Even in the economy section, passengers are presented with amenities such as hot towels and a welcome cocktail. For longer routes, the airline features fully-flat beds and a 5-star menu on the upper level for the ultimate luxury experience. Enjoying a close association with Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic will be resuming six important US routes that had been suspended since the start of the pandemic.

5. Qantas Airways - One Of The Most Popular Airlines

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways is always featured among the top 5 in almost any list of the best airlines. This is due to the fact that the carrier provides some of the most premium in-flight experiences to passengers - including signature Australian delicacies, a curated selection of wines, and ultra-comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate long-haul flights. The airline also has the distinction of serving one of the longest non-stop routes in the world - the 17-hour long flight from Dallas to Sydney. As the flag-carrier of Australia, Qantas has a fleet of over 126 aircrafts and travels to more than 85 destinations worldwide.

4. Qatar Airways - Biggest Airline To Fly

Qatar Airways

Over the last two decades, Qatar Airways has really enhanced their overall service and is now regarded as one of the leading airlines - especially for long-haul flights. Among its fleet, they have the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and its Airbus counterpart, the Airbus A350-1000. The design of these aircrafts reduces the effects of jet lag - thanks to the state-of-the-art cabin pressure monitoring system and the higher humidity. Furthermore, its QSuite business class features double beds and four-person dining suites with an ambience that can rival any luxury hotel.

3. Turkish Airlines - One Of The Most Luxurious Airline

Turkish Airlines

One of the most ambitious airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines is now headquartered in its coveted new hub in Istanbul and promises to offer an even better flying experience to its loyal passengers. As the airline of choice for transatlantic flights, the airline is renowned for its remarkable stopover program in Istanbul, which lets fliers benefit from vouchers for the leading hotels and resorts en-route to Europe and beyond. Moreover, the melange of European cuisine with traditional Turkish delicacies is tantalizing when you are flying in the clouds.

2. Singapore Airlines - Best International Airline

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines proudly represents the values and ethos that the country is famous for - world class hospitality, exceptional meal options and an incredible on-time performance. The airline holds the record for the longest continuous flight - the 19-hour, non-stop route between New York and Changi in their modish, custom-fitted A 350s. Singapore Airlines is an industry leader when it comes to unique offerings - including a meticulously designed wellness program and a unique farm-to-plane catering service.

1. Emirates - Largest Airline In The World


From its humble beginnings, Emirates has now become one of the most powerful airlines in the world. One can spot their brand on sports teams, entertainment venues etc. The Dubai-based airline is renowned for providing a five-star flying experience that includes a world-class seat-back entertainment system, WiFi connectivity for all classes, and outstanding meals. Meanwhile, it’s business and first class suites are in a different tier of luxury altogether with a luxury private suite, access to a mini bar, a shower in the sky and a curated offering of meals.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

Operating out of Taiwan, Eva Airline is renowned for its friendly crew, outstanding hospitality, excellent economy-class features, and their unique Hello Kitty planes that have become a popular sight at airports around the world.

Another airline that ranks highly in customer satisfaction is Etihad Airways. The UAE’s flag-carrier boasts the distinctive “flying apartment” that features a luxury suite in the first class. While for the little ones, flying nannies are on hand to entertain them with toys and magic tricks.