Best Healthcare Facilities Near Dubai Hills

Written by Sepehr Heidari

Dubai Hills Estate is rapidly positioning itself as one of the premier communities for family living in Dubai. With beautifully designed villas, spacious amenities meant to promote health and wellness, there are few better places in the city to raise your children. Thanks to a well-designed infrastructure, Dubai Hills Estate also makes it easy to access some of the best healthcare options that Dubai has to offer. 

Top Hospitals in Dubai Hills

1. King’s College Hospital 2. International Medical Center (IMC)
3. Apex Medical Clinic 4. Saudi German Hospital
5. Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Kings College Hospital Dubai

1. King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the UK with established medical centers, is set to open a 100-bed hospital in Dubai Hills. The hospital will specialize in pediatrics, endocrinology, orthopedics, and obstetrics, and gynecology, as well as offering acute and general medical services. The doctors have been trained in London and have experience working as part of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). State-of-the-art equipment will be installed in the hospital’s laboratories, allowing it to provide the best service and to be known as the most trusted healthcare provider in Dubai.

2. International Medical Center (IMC)

The International Medical Center, provides the most professional and modern treatments and care in a very family-friendly environment. The clinic specializes in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, beauty & aesthetics, dentistry, home care, obstetrics, and gynecology. The doctors and nurses are highly trained and have years of experience in the treatment of patients. The clinic has affiliations with most of the major insurance companies and you can book your appointment online according to your own convenience.

International Medical Center Dubai

3. Apex Medical Clinic

Apex Clinic is a top-rated medical clinic located in Motor City. The highly qualified team of doctors and dentists look to provide the best services and care for their patients. One of the major highlights of the clinic is its premium dental services, offering dental veneers, dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, family dental care, prosthodontics and root canals. Additionally, medical services including physiotherapy, psychiatry, vaccinations, and allergy testing are also provided. Apex Clinic has affiliations with most insurance companies, making it easy to manage your dental and greater medical needs.

4. Saudi German Hospital

Saudi German Hospital is a private hospital located in Al Barsha and is one of the largest hospitals in the Middle East. The hospital offers all the major specialties and sub-specialties such as cardiology, cosmetics, surgical and medical oncology, neuroscience, neurology, gynecology, orthopedic rehabilitation & surgery, and psychiatry. The hospital offers 24-hour pharmaceutical and radiology services as well as ER. With more than 315 beds, Saudi German Hospital ensures the best treatments and care for its patients. It is also affiliated with several insurance companies.

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

5. Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Located in Al Barsha, Al Zahra Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Dubai. The hospital specializes in cardiology, dermatology, family medicine, emergency services, cardiothoracic, neurology and more. The highly trained team of doctors and nurses provide the very best care and also believe in educating their patients to help them better understand their problems. Al Zahra Hospital supplements its clinical services with state-of-the-art laboratories, medical rooms, an in-house pharmacy and children’s play area. Most major insurance policies and packages are accepted.

Images courtesy of King's College Hospital, Apex Medical Clinic and Al Zahra Hospital Facebook pages.