A Guide to the Leading Bakeries in Dubai - For Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

No matter what the occasion, a cake, pastry or a pie can lift the mood and bring unbridled joy to the senses. With Dubai being home to millions of expatriate families, there are plenty of sweet options to choose from and one can easily be spoiled for choice. In this blog, we take a look at some of the leading bakeries and dessert shops that offer a sweet amalgam of European flavors with traditional patisseries.

1. The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery

Having opened its doors in 2004, the Hummingbird Bakery is a one-stop shop for all your sweet cravings. Renowned especially among American expats, Hummingbird prides itself on making cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes and customized delicacies with an American flair. Their Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake is so good that you wouldn’t mind eating it all up by yourself. The bakery also serves gluten-free desserts for health-conscious consumers.


They have two outlets in Dubai. One is on LG Level, Dubai Mall and the other is on the ground floor of the Mall of Emirates.

2. Feras Sweets

If you are into Arabian-style sweet dishes, look no further than Feras Sweets. With a reputation for making the best Kunafa in the city, Feras has branches all over Dubai to cater to the sweet tooth of an ever-growing population. Kunafa is a warm, soft and cream filled dessert with a dressing of vermicelli on top. Needless to say, it tastes heavenly. The best part is people from all around the world have come to appreciate this local delicacy. Other sweet dishes baked and sold at Feras include Warbat, Halawet el Jeben, Awama, among others.


Located all over Dubai, the recommended branches of Feras are located in Al Barsha and on Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center.

3. Cake Talk Bakery

Cake Talk Bakery

What we love about Caketalk apart from their mouthwatering desserts is they do customized cakes for any occasion. Championing the idea that every cake has a story to tell, these bakers can bring the vision of clients to life using intricate baking methods (done all on site), and deliver all over Dubai without any shipping fee. With Halloween just around the corner, a fresh fruit cake with a delicious topping of phantoms and blood cherry on the side sounds like a flavoursome idea.


Ground floor of Al Barsha South Mall, Al Barsha

4. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery

With such an exotic name, Magnolia is home to the finest banana pudding in the world. Moist, tender, and dripping with flavour, this US-based bakery has been making the rounds ever since it opened its doors. Apart from their banana pudding, they’re extremely popular due to their chic and relaxed ambience; as well as their cupcakes that ooze with tantalizing flavour.


They are located inside the Dubai Mall (at the Lower Ground Level).

5. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

If you are someone who religiously keeps count of calories, look away because this exquisite Lebanese bakery will take you on a mouthwatering journey full of calories. Their signature dessert Manakeesh drizzled with molasses and sugar syrup is just a treat for your culinary senses. Other traditional Arabic sweets one can buy from them include Baklava, Kunafa, Maamoul and Kaak.


They can be found in Karama, Al Qusais and in Jumeirah 3.

6. The French Bakery

The French Bakery

If pizzas are a creation of the Italians, then cakes and pastries are certainly the magic of the French. The French Bakery has a massive collection of tarts, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, croissants, macarons and more. Moreover, parents can head over to their outlet and have their young ones take baby steps towards becoming baking experts via French Bakery’s kids baking workshop.


They have a total of thirteen branches across Dubai. Most popular outlets are in Satwa, Healthcare City, Nad Al Sheba and Onyx Tower 2.

7. La Serre

La Serre

Another niche bakery on our list is the La Serre, which has its roots in the classic Parisian-style and not only offers scrumptious baked items but is also a popular spot for families and couples to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their signature offering is the lemon and lavender bundt cake that is unique and has layers upon layers of rich cream infused with hints of lemon and lavender - a truly mesmeric affair for your sweet tooth. This boulangerie is an unheralded gem, and right up there with the leading French bakeries in Dubai.


Located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.

8. Graffiti Kunafa

Graffiti Kunafa

Graffiti Kunafa is quite an unconventional Kunafa deli that offers a large selection of Kunafas from all over the world. Whether you are looking for Egyptian-style or the authentic Palestinian-style Kunafa, the bakers will have them ready for you in no time. They also have a very casual and contemporary feel to their outlet, and is an ideal spot for young people to hangout and indulge in the flavors of traditional Arabic sweets.


One can find them in Jumeirah 3.

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