A Guide to the Leading Bakeries - For Your Sweet Tooth

Written by Muhammad Qadeer

No matter what the occasion, a cake, pastry or a pie can lift the mood and bring unbridled joy to the senses. With Dubai being home to millions of expatriate families, there are plenty of sweet options to choose from and one can easily be spoiled for choice. In this blog, we take a look at some of the leading bakeries and dessert shops that offer a sweet amalgam of European flavors with traditional patisseries.

1. The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery is an American-style bakery founded in 2004 to bring the authentic taste of American home baking to London. The company opened its first branch on Portobello Road in Notting Hill in 2004 and has since launched a further four branches across London in South Kensington, Spitalfields, Victoria and St Johns Wood with more planned for 2023. It also has a franchise presence in the Middle East with two branches already operating in Dubai.

2. Feras Sweets

Earlier in 1993, a traditional Palestinian sweets shop opened in Dubai with the vision of offering homemade quality sweets to the neighboring surrounding. Fast forward to 20 years later, Firas Sweets is now one of the leading and innovating Arabic Oriental Sweet companies keeping its traditional identity with professional operations. Firas Sweets uses only the highest quality ingredients. We don't use chemicals or add preservatives to our products, as we believe fresh products have the best taste! 

3. Cake Talk Bakery

Cake Talk Bakery

What we love about Caketalk apart from their mouthwatering desserts is they do customized cakes for any occasion. Championing the idea that every cake has a story to tell, these bakers can bring the vision of clients to life using intricate baking methods (done all on site), and deliver all over Dubai without any shipping fee. With Halloween just around the corner, a fresh fruit cake with a delicious topping of phantoms and blood cherry on the side sounds like a flavoursome idea.

4. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery

The story of the world’s most famous bakery begins in 1996 on a quaint, cobblestone corner in the West Village where Magnolia Bakery opened its doors for the first time. The sweet smell of cakes and cookies and pies and pudding tumbled out, wafting down the streets, beckoning all in.

Our red velvet cupcakes became iconic and people lined up around the block for our banana pudding. There was even talk of New York pretzel guys becoming cupcake guys. Magnolia Bakery was a destination for locals and tourists alike.

It was time for us to open the cupboards and share our magic with the world. Our neighborhood bakery found its way into new neighborhoods near and far, we wrote cookbooks and helped people all over celebrate their most important moments.

And while we have grown, a few things will always remain: open early and close late, a dollop of buttercream makes everything better, and our mission: make today sweeter than yesterday. 

5. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

If you are someone who religiously keeps count of calories, look away because this exquisite Lebanese bakery will take you on a mouthwatering journey full of calories. Their signature dessert Manakeesh drizzled with molasses and sugar syrup is just a treat for your culinary senses. Other traditional Arabic sweets one can buy from them include Baklava, Kunafa, Maamoul and Kaak.

6. The French Bakery

The French Bakery

French Bakery established in 1997 is one of the leading bakeries based in Dubai, UAE promising the highest standards of delicacies in flavors and aromas. In the Middle East, we occupy a unique place in the traditional bakery market. We started off as a small bakery, but accrediting to our promising bakery and food items, we have a leading name in the industry. We imparts eternal French baking values, traditions, quality and refinement to the UAE. When it comes down to bakery standards, we have never shied away from the best storage facilities and preservation because quality is our ultimate priority


7. La Serre

La Serre

Another niche bakery on our list is the La Serre, A piece of Paris in Abu Dhabi! After a decade of delivering you the best viennoiseries and freshly baked baguette in Dubai, and serving your favorites such as Croissants, Dover Sole and many more French delicacies, La Serre is now open next to the main entrance of Yas Mall Abu Dhabi


8. Graffiti Kunafa

Graffiti Kunafa

Graffiti Kunafa is quite an unconventional Kunafa deli that offers a large selection of Kunafas from all over the world. Whether you are looking for Egyptian-style or the authentic Palestinian-style Kunafa, the bakers will have them ready for you in no time. They also have a very casual and contemporary feel to their outlet, and is an ideal spot for young people to hangout and indulge in the flavors of traditional Arabic sweets.

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