Arabian Ranches 2 Real Estate Market

Arabian Ranches 2 has become one of Dubai's most sought-after residential communities, offering a desert-themed suburban lifestyle that combines luxury living and outdoor leisure. Emaar Properties launched Arabian Ranches 2 in 2013 as a modern community focused on outdoor leisure, with 10 individual villa sub-communities, including Casa, Lila, Palma, Rasha, Rosa, Yasmin, Samara, Azalea, Reem, and Camelia. The community is now highly sought after due to its reputation for offering high-quality, affordable villas and townhouses with excellent amenities and facilities. It has become part of the new heart of Dubai, providing its residents with a peaceful, family-oriented neighbourhood that is nearby to schools, parks, hospitals, and leisure facilities, while still maintaining proximity to key hubs in Dubai.

The high demand for Arabian Ranches 2 has resulted in a significant increase in transaction volume, with a year-on-year growth of over 78%. Camelia, the largest sub-community within Arabian Ranches 2, is by far the most popular due to its affordability, with average prices for a three-bedroom townhouse currently sitting at approximately AED 2,100,000.

The real estate market in Arabian Ranches 2 has been booming in recent years, with high demand from homebuyers and renters alike. The transactions have been steadily increasing year-on-year, and the community has seen significant capital appreciation in recent years.

The demand is mostly directed towards properties that are either vacant on transfer or will soon be vacant. These are hard to come by, however, resulting in them commanding a higher premium.

Another key trend which we have seen is a significant rise in the number of mortgage registrations. While higher interest rates are one contributing factor, with buyers looking to secure financing before rates rise even further, a more significant factor is that post-handover payment plans are coming to an end.

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In terms of market statistics, the average sale price for a villa in Arabian Ranches 2 was AED 6.85 million, and the average rental price was AED 290,000 per annum.

Last year alone, there has been a 34% surge in real estate transactions in the Arabian Ranches community, totalling over AED 400 million, as compared to the 2021. Rental prices have also increased, with Arabian Ranches 1 witnessing a 36% spike, amounting to AED 1,212 per sq ft, and Arabian Ranches 2 experiencing a 13% rise, standing at AED 1,035 per sq ft. We predict that the community's activity will increase in 2023, particularly with Arabian Ranches 3 ready for handover.

Among the most popular sub-communities for real estate transactions in Arabian Ranches 2 are Samara, Lila, Rosa, Rasha, Casa, and Yasmin. These sub-communities offer a wide range of properties for sale and rent, including big stand-alone villas, townhouses, and attached and separated villas, with contemporary interiors and 3 to 6-bedroom configurations.

The rental market in Arabian Ranches 2 has also seen significant growth in recent years, with a variety of villas and spacious houses providing flexible options in terms of the number of bedrooms and floor area. The townhouses in Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai, are available in Reem Community and Camelia, with 3 and 4-bedroom configurations.

Arabian Ranches community has always delivered high-standard villas and townhouses that are on par with other premium communities in Dubai. As an Emaar master-plan development, the community's centralized location, family-friendly environment, and valuable amenities have contributed to its growing popularity, making all three Arabian Ranches suburb communities a prime investment opportunity for potential buyers.

The global pandemic created a shift in demand towards larger living spaces, including villa communities, which ultimately benefited Arabian Ranches 2. The community remains one of the most affordable options. Its excellent reputation will only further fuel demand for the community, which is expected to continue growing.

Our website has a substantial collection of properties for sale and rent in Arabian Ranches2, from 3 to 5-bedroom villas to 3 to 4 bedroom townhouses located in the most popular sub communities such as Rosa, Lila, Yasmin and Rasha.

The communities are divided up as follows:

Rasha, Rosa, Yasmin - 4 to 6-bedroom villas. These are generally considered to be the higher-end neighborhoods and are primarily owner-occupied. Rentals in these areas are rare.

Azalea, Casa, Lila, Palma, Samara - 3 to 5-bedroom villas. These are mid-range units that see a considerable amount of demand from new tenants.

Camelia, Reem - 3 to 4-bedroom townhouses. Reem is very popular amongst new tenants, while Camelia is attracting plenty of attention already.

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Typical example of villa for sale available on our website is a Type 4 villa in Rosa comprising five bedrooms, maid's room, nanny's room, and a guest room with an ensuite bathroom, making it an ideal home for larger families or those who value extra space. The villa is built in the most preferred floor plan of Arabian Ranches 2 and is a single row property located on the lush green belt at the back of the community. This offers residents an extra layer of privacy and a natural green screen. Additionally, the interior finish of the villa has been completed with white wood, again the preferred finish over that of the dark wood.

The back garden of this property is simply stunning and has been meticulously maintained. There is a BBQ area, courtyard, and ample space to entertain family and friends. The garden is perfect for hosting large gatherings or enjoying a peaceful evening with loved ones.

This Type 4 villa is an exceptional property that offers residents an ideal combination of privacy, space, and luxury with stunning design, excellent location, and impressive features.

Arabian ranches 2 is a perfect option for those who are looking for high-return on investments and think of buying real estate in Dubai. Arabian Ranches 2 real estate market offers an attractive option for homebuyers and investors, with its luxurious properties, great location, and high demand making it a sound investment choice.


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