9 Idyllic Winter Beach Destinations

January 13, 2018
Written by Arpan Ghosh
If taking a ski vacation isn’t quite your cup of tea, consider a winter beach retreat in one of these sunny locales.

1.  Costa Rica

Winter is Costa Rica’s dry season, making it the perfect time to enjoy some sun. Gaze out onto the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea while lazing on the beach, or enjoy one of the season’s cultural festivals.

2.  Florida

When it comes to the best beach getaways, one cannot possibly leave the ‘Sunshine State’ off the list. Boasting the second longest coastline in the US, Florida offers plenty of beaches in key cities like Miami and Orlando to spend your afternoons, along with a thriving nightlife scene.

3.  The Maldives

One of the world’s most popular island vacation spots, the Maldives offers total relaxation at several world-class beach resorts and spas, or a more active vacation with watersports and speedboat tours off the island’s coast.

4.  Rio de Janeiro

The winter period is Brazil’s summer, which means it’s prime beach season. February is the best time to head down there, as you’ll be just in time for the Carnival de Rio, one of the world’s largest festivals and the best antidote to the winter chill.

5.  Dubai

Summer in Dubai is something of an acquired taste, but winter is perfect for everyone with temperatures in the low 20’s and cool ocean breezes. Spend some time at one of the city’s many world-class beach resorts or take up a winter home in one of the luxury beachfront residences such as Bulgari, the Alef or Nikki Beach.

6.  St. Martin and St. Maarten

This tiny half-French and half-Dutch island in the Caribbean offers unlimited possibilities with 37 beaches to choose from. There’s Orient Bay for watersports, the surfer hangout of Mullet Bay, and several other spots where you can just relax and watch the sunset.

7.  Oman

Oman enjoys a beautiful winter climate, much like its neighbor the UAE. While the capital city of Muscat has its share of beaches, it’s best to head away from the main urban centers to really enjoy the country’s natural beauty.

8.  Hawaii

It’s hard to pick just one island to visit in Hawaii. Whether you go to Honolulu, Oahu, Maui or The Big Island, you’ll find gorgeous beaches, plenty of sunshine and prime surfing conditions.

9.  St. Lucia

Known for the Pitons, the two majestic mountains on its west coast, St. Lucia has an abundance of natural beauty that extends far beyond its beaches. Lush jungles and hiking trails provide a good challenge for outdoors lovers, and street festivals every Friday night are a great way to get immersed in the culture.