6 Dubai Communities with the Best Parks

Written by Arpan Ghosh

For many around the world, Dubai is the city of architectural wonders such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. It is divided into either skyscrapers towering over a teeming city, or open beaches where you might catch a celebrity or two getting a tan. However, in more recent years Dubai has adopted a more casual, greener tone, one that those outside the city (and even some within it) might not be aware of. If you live in any of these Dubai communities, then a day out at the park is no more than a short stroll away.

Town Square

Town Square 21

Sitting at the centre of Town Square is the gorgeous Town Square Park. Spread across 500,000 sq ft, it really is the heart of the community - it features walking and jogging trails and open green spaces, with retail outlets and restaurants arranged around the perimeter of the main promenade. The park also regularly hosts events and fairs, designed to bring the community together for some good family fun. And if that weren’t enough, Town Square also has a trampoline park, skateboard park, dog park and water park.

Dubai Hills Estate


The Central Park at Dubai Hills Estate, better known as Dubai Hills Park, is set to be one of the largest parks in Dubai upon completion, with a total area measuring more than 1.9 million square foot. Approximately half of the park is currently open, and it is already very popular amongst residents and visitors. The park features play areas for children, outdoors fitness facilities including open air gyms and running tracks, plus retail and dining attractions. The park will become a hub for several neighbourhoods in Dubai when it is fully open, and will also connect to the expansive Dubai Hills Mall.

Al Barari

Parks 1

The community of Al Barari is famous for its greenery - it was founded on the principles of sustainability and eco-consciousness. Over 60% of the community’s total area is given over to grassy spaces, gardens, parks and waterways. Newer additions to the community include the Al Barari community Park, which contains a vast range of facilities for children to let loose and enjoy themselves, including obstacle courses, jungle gyms, climbing platforms embedded into trees, a wet park area and a small beach. Regular festivals and fresh markets are held in Al Barari as well, and there are special kid’s workshops and activities to hone their minds.


Playgrounds 2

A beautiful addition to Dubai’s portfolio of green spaces, Mudon Central Park is divided into distinct zones. At the northern end of the park is a large children’s playground, while the centre is dominated by an amphitheatre and sports fields, which can be combined into one large event venue for community festivals. The southern part of the park features even more playgrounds and walking trails, as well as a cafe with an open dining deck, picnic pavilions and waterways.

Palm Jumeirah

Parks 3

While the Palm is most notable for its beaches and its stylish hotel developments, it is also home to the gorgeous Al Ittihad Park, which stretches along the centre of the tree-shaped island’s trunk. The park is lined with perfectly landscaped greenery, offers several outdoor fitness spades, recreational areas and playgrounds, and is encircled by a 3.2 meter jogging track. Along one side of the park, you will find a promenade with restaurants, cafes and shopping options, and at the very end you will be able to access Nakheel Mall.

Downtown Dubai

Parks 4

In the heart of Dubai’s Downtown district, you would expect to find skyscrapers trying to outdo each other in terms of height (but still falling very short of the Burj Khalifa), along with office buildings and leisure venues. A park seems like an unlikely spot to find here and yet, sitting right next to the Burj Khalifa, and bordering one end of the Dubai Fountains, is the lovely Burj Park. This certainly is not as elaborate as many of the other community parks, but what it does offer is immediate access to major attractions such as the Dubai Mall and Dubai Opera, and a front row seat to the incredible fireworks show on New Year’s Eve.