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Written by Arpan Ghosh

When you want to sell your property, you need to find a way to get it out in the market as quickly as possible and to give it the widest possible exposure to attract potential buyers. It might seem logical that this would be achieved by listing your property with a few different agents, who each have their own individual clientele. However, it is a far better option to list exclusively with one agent.

Why You Should List Exclusively with Luxury Property LLC

For a seller, there are several key benefits to listing your property with just one agent, all of which lead to a more effective marketing approach and thus, a quicker transaction.




This is an integral aspect of any sales transaction, whether we are talking about property, cars or consumer goods. You need to align yourself with a reputable, trustworthy company that has your best interests at heart. Trust is one of the pillars on which has built its brand reputation, ensuring that every client relationship is for the long term.


Relationship Management


One of the most important benefits of signing up with just one agent is ease of communication - you have a single point of contact for all of the marketing of your property. Whether you are trying to coordinate viewings with potential buyers, discussing changes in price or updating any other information about the property, you only need to liaise with one person to take care of everything.


Property Relationship Management

Due Diligence


Tying into the above point, your dedicated broker will also help in qualifying potential buyers prior to viewings to save you time and to ensure that only the highest caliber of buyer can have access to your home. Should any other agents be interested in marketing the property as part of a joint effort, your broker can also qualify them in order to maintain a high standard of professionalism.


Power of the Brand


With the backing of a well-known and reputed real estate firm, you can be assured that your listing will have a greater presence in the market and will thus generate more enquiries from interested buyers and tenants.


Online Exposure


By partnering with, a brand that has an established online presence and is the UAE’s most visited property website, you can showcase your property in front of a global audience. At the same time, you can rest easy knowing that your property will not be over exposed through being advertised by multiple agents on multiple platforms, effectively diluting its value in the market.


Cream of the Crop


You will have access to our VIP high-net-worth individual list, ensuring that the very highest caliber of buyers are looking at your property.


360-Degree Marketing


Not only will your exclusive agent give your property the full attention it deserves, they will also employ a full 360-degree marketing strategy to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible. This includes an exclusive listing on the company website, preferred placement across social media, an agent video tour, and press coverage in both local and international media, premium portal advertising and email marketing via our newsletter.


Expert Advisory


You can expect regular feedback from your broker, from updates on how many enquiries your property is getting, how each viewing goes and what sort of offers are on the table. You will also get an understanding of the transactional activity of similar properties in your neighbourhood and comparable properties in other areas of the city.


When you list exclusively with us, your home becomes our priority. To learn more or to list your home today, please contact our Private Client Advisory team. We would be delighted to assist.

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