The World's Finest Tropical New Year's Getaways

Written by Arpan Ghosh

How will you be spending New Year’s Eve? You could head off to New York or London to celebrate, braving the cold and wet weather as you count down the last minutes of 2022. Perhaps you would prefer slightly warmer climates, enjoying the magnificent fireworks displays in Dubai. If you want to start off 2023 in truly unique fashion, then perhaps you should consider these tropical getaways where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve surrounded by sand, sea and complete serenity.

4 Best Tropical Destinations For New Years

1. The Caribbean 2. Hawaii
3. Central South America 4. Southeast Asia

1. The Caribbean

Holiday Destination The Caribbean

The Dominican Republic, along with its fellow islands in the Caribbean, is a very popular holiday destination for the winter. The weather at this time is fantastic and you get a lovely respite from city life. The north coast is particularly recommended, offering nothing but pure natural beauty with rolling hills, clear blue waters, pristine white sand and not a skyscraper in sight. St Lucia, the Bahamas and Jamaica are other fantastic option, with the latter being especially notable for New Year celebrations that last throughout the month of January.

2. Hawaii

Holiday Destination Hawaii

When you think of a tropical holiday, Hawaii is probably one of the first destinations that comes to mind, conjuring images of vast beaches, clear waters ideal for surfing, and luaus with hula dancers, fire pits and lavish feasts. The Big Island, also known as the main island of Hawaii, is a key destination. It is the largest island in the archipelago and has plenty to explore on every inch of its coastline. Another popular island is Moloka’i, known as the birthplace of hula dancing and one of the region’s most popular surfing spots.

3.Central & South America

Holiday Destination Central & South America

Closely linked to the Caribbean Islands, South America contains some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Panama offers you several options, from tourist hotspots to more remote seaside locales where you can find complete peace. Cartagena and Santa Marta in Colombia are historical marvels, with the latter providing you a window into the country’s rich past with colonial-era buildings that contrast against a lovely modern beachfront comprising promenades, cafes and a yacht marina. Cuba is another country where you can experience the beauty of historical architecture along with seaside bliss, as is Costa Rica. Other key areas to consider are Nicaragua, Ecuador (a great choice for golfers as well) and Belize, which has a diverse array of activities taking place during the entire festive period.

4.Southeast Asia

Holiday Destination Southeast Asia

Thailand is one of the most exciting New Year’s destinations in the entire world. While Bangkok seems like the obvious place to visit, many of the smaller islands are the true hotspots, hosting New Year’s beach parties that can often last until dawn. The culturally rich Vietnam gives you many options from the heart of the city to ancient temples and rural areas. The most famous tourist destination is Halong Bay, a stunning beachfront locale that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Malaysia is a paradise for golfers with over 17 courses to choose from and a wealth of coastal areas where you can relax by the sea as you prepare to welcome the coming year. If you are itching for a more traditional New Year’s celebration, you can head over to the neighbouring Singapore to enjoy thrilling fireworks displays.