The Finest Mansions in Los Angeles

Written by Arpan Ghosh

LA is widely considered to be the acme of luxury living – as the home of Hollywood and several of its most prominent stars, this is the place where everyone who is anyone wants to be. The City of Angels boasts several private neighbourhoods that sit outside the bustling Downtown area – Bel Air, Brentwood and Sana Monica are among the most well-known. And of course, who doesn’t know Beverly Hills?

If you are looking for a home that lets you enjoy the sort of lifestyle associated with Hollywood royalty while living in lush surroundings and year-round pleasant weather, Los Angeles is the city for you. The homes we have curated are mini palaces, with each one being completely unique down to the minutest detail. Discover some of the very best homes for sale in Los Angeles below.

Magnificent Private Residence on South Mapleton Drive

Spelling Manor 1
Spelling Manor 2

Known quite simply as The Manor (also Spelling Manor), this 15-bedroom mansion is in the area that has come to be known as the ‘Platinum Triangle’ due to its high volume of large, affluent homes – and on that front, this home certainly delivers. It was designed by television production legends Aaron and Candy Spelling and sits amidst nearly 5 acres of land on the former estate of singer Bing Crosby.

Spread across a jaw-dropping 56,000 sq ft, this is the second largest home in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is larger than the White House. The design of the home was reimagined after it sold in 2011, and it broke real estate sales records twice in the summer of 2019. You are welcomed in by an entry foyer with 30-foot ceilings, which leads through to multiple reception rooms, formal and informal dining rooms, a kitchen that has been described as suitable for ‘cooking for 2 or 800’, a private cinema and a basement night club that includes a lounge, bar and two-lane bowling alley.

Sophisticated Modern Home in Bel Air

Bel Air 1
Bel Air 2

This mansion is a fairly new build and is nestled in East Gate Bel Air, which also known as Old Bel Air. It is spread over 38,000 sq ft and across four levels encased in floor-to-ceiling glass. There are multiple landscaped terraces including a roof terrace with palm trees as well as a first-floor deck with a massive 85-foot glass-tile infinity pool.

Other key elements of this mansion include – three gourmet kitchens with high-end appliances, five bars (indoor and outdoor), a massage studio and wellness spa, a fitness centre, a car gallery on the ground level, a 40-seat private cinema, a four-lane bowling alley, two fully stocked champagne and wine rooms, an outdoor theatre, and the most advanced home automation system in the world.

Grand Holmby Hills Home on Carolwood Drive

Carolwood Drive 1
Carolwood Drive 2

This house dates back to the mid 1930’s and sits on an impressive 10 acres of land made up of three plots combined into one. Known as Owlwood, it counts legendary actor Tony Curtis and musical icon Cher among its former owners. The interiors are draped in period charm with grand Regency era living, dining and master bedrooms that have intricately detailed design elements.

The exterior spaces of the home lend it a special charm of its own. It is surrounded by verdant lawns and mature greenery, plus there is a beautiful swimming pool along with a poolhouse designed in the style of a quaint Mediterranean cottage. A tennis court is located on the grounds as well.

Mansion on the Iconic Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Blvd 1
Sunset Blvd 2

This very picturesque home is part of LA’s famous Platinum Triangle and is located on the iconic Sunset Boulevard. Known as Maison du Soleil, or House of the Sun, it was designed in the 1930’s by architect Paul Williams and is a beautiful marriage of classical and modern architecture.

Offering 60 rooms in total spread across 30,000 sq ft, the home offers some unique design features such as a tree trunk in the middle of the entry foyer flanked by twin staircases. There are multiple living and relaxation spaces indoors, an impressive private cinema spanning 6,000 sq ft, plus outdoor terraces, garden lounges with fire pits, and an eclectic poolhouse with its own lounge and bar setup, a tennis court, and five distinct gardens.

Incredible Spanish-Style Estate on Mapleton Drive

Mapleton Drive 1
Mapleton Drive 2

This very grand home in the prestigious Holmby Hills neighbourhood takes its design inspiration from the Reina Sofia, Spain’s national museum of 20th century art. Built over a span of 7 years, the estate spans over 31,000 sq ft and is divided into a palatial two-storey mansion and a three-level guesthouse.

The heavy carved wood double doors that welcome you into the mansion once belonged to a Spanish monastery, and the interior design combines elements of historic Spanish design such as Moorish columns and ornate vaulted ceilings with stunning modern touches. Key elements of the home include a central atrium with 30-foot ceilings, a library with a gorgeous Art Deco design, a wine room with a billiards table at the centre, an underground waterproof home cinema with windows looking into the swimming pool, a rooftop terrace with a fireplace and large open grounds.

Elevated Contemporary Home in Bel Air

Orum Residence 1
Orum Residence 2

This sleek glass-walled mansion is known as Orum Residence and was designed by Zoltan Pali, founder of the very well-renowned SPF:architects. It sits on an impressive, raised plot of just under 70,000 sq ft with two stories above ground and a basement level built into the hillside. The home is a true work of art, divided across three wings featuring three different types of glass – one wing is covered in mirrored panes that reflect the surrounding environment, effectively camouflaging the top level of the home from certain angles and creating a dramatic visual element.

Some of the key design features of the home include an L-shape swimming pool on the hillside that wraps around two wings, as well as a large open terrace with a firepit. The views from the mansion are truly unparalleled and have to be experienced to be truly believed.