Senior Private Client Advisor

Shane Jewell


About Shane Jewell

Shane is a key member of our Private Client Office, specializing in some of the finest homes available on Palm Jumeirah, among other prime areas of Dubai.

He is a true superstar in the field of real estate and has developed a high level of expertise when it comes to high-end properties. He understands the market quite well, keeping an eye on the latest trends and happenings so he can deliver the most well-informed and reliable advisory.

Shane has a big, bright and outgoing personality, which makes him a great presence on the team and helps him establish good relationships with clients. He always pushes himself to do better and to provide a level of service that can be considered flawless.

A keen sportsman, Shane has played football all his life and tries to get in a game whenever he can. He loves the outdoors and when not enjoying a game on the field, loves to spend time with his dog Slinky.


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