Private Client Advisor

Nazli Acar


About Nazli Acar

Nazli, a distinguished real estate broker, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with an impressive background as a billing manager in the medical and healthcare industry, she brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of real estate.

Possessing a keen analytical acumen and strong organisational skills, Naz demonstrates a remarkable aptitude for assessing market trends, evaluating property values, and identifying lucrative investment opportunities. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures seamless transactions and smooth operations throughout the real estate process.

Furthermore, as a consummate professional in customer service, Naz excels at establishing enduring relationships with stakeholders at all levels. Her innate ability to understand the unique needs and aspirations of clients enables her to provide tailored guidance and personalised solutions. By prioritising client satisfaction, Naz builds trust, loyalty, and fosters long-term partnerships.

Backed by a solid foundation in finance and a comprehensive skill set that includes team motivation, analytical prowess, organisational efficiency, and effective communication, Naz is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service to her clients. As a real estate broker, she consistently surpasses expectations, guiding clients through their real estate endeavours, and helping them achieve their desired outcomes.



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