Private Client Advisor

Iman Ale Davodi


About Iman Ale Davodi

Iman brings to Dubai's real estate market a wealth of experience from the luxury sales sector, having refined his skills with iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton and the exclusive time-piece creator, Roger Dubuis. He possesses an infectious positivity, immense motivation, and strong confidence, which paired with his remarkable social skills, make him adept at forging and nurturing lasting relationships.

Iman's background equips him with a unique perspective that's sure to leave an indelible mark. Outside of work, he has trained in boxing for over 16 years, reveling in both the discipline of training and the thrill of a spirited sparring match.

Iman's proficiency in English, Farsi, and French, makes him adept at catering to a diverse clientele, understanding their unique needs and aspirations. His Australian heritage further enriches his global perspective. As he ventures into the dynamic Dubai real estate market, clients can be assured of a dedicated and culturally attuned professional ready to serve their every need.


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