Arpan Ghosh

Content Editor & PR Officer

Arpan is known as the voice of the company. He is responsible for all of the written content on the website, including descriptions of upcoming off-plan projects, guides to key areas in Dubai and the company blog which covers all things related to luxury real estate and luxury living.

Arpan edits all of the listing content on the website to ensure a unified tone that has become the trademark and liaises with local and global press to expand the reach of the company’s media coverage. He is also the company’s de facto social media manager and has taken on the role of podcaster as the host of The Luxury Property Show.

Having grown up in Dubai, Arpan pursued his higher education in the US, earning a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has, however, had a longstanding passion for the written word that he had always hoped to parlay into a career. Over three years of professional content writing, he has written on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from business to food to the Dubai lifestyle before joining

When not waxing poetic about the world’s finest homes, Arpan loves to read, sketch and play games of both the board and video variety. He also considers himself an honorary Avenger and will miss his yearly trips to the kingdom of Westeros.