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Written by Silvana Fitzpatrick

Dubai is establishing itself as one of the most sought-after locations for affluent and high-net-worth individuals to relocate. According to reports from Henley & Partners, Dubai will continue to draw wealth over the next ten years as a leading financial center in the Middle East, welcoming a significant amount of international private wealth. In this context, there is no doubt that property consultants play a key role in facilitating real estate transactions. There are over 2,285 brokerage offices and 5,933 brokers representing 163 different nationalities registered in Dubai up to this point. To offer a proper impression to clients and business partners, real estate agents must exhibit many qualities in addition to keeping a well-groomed, presentable appearance and being extremely ambitious.

Our multi-award expert team of private client advisors at are specialized in Dubai’s most prime residential areas and possess unparalleled market knowledge. Their personalized strategy and clear focus on the highly customized market enable them to build a network of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and provide proactive, outstanding service at top-tier levels. Operating in the most premium segment of the market requires certain talents, apart from extensive training, product knowledge, a proper mindset, and complete commitment to delivering superior service. But above all, it is a very personal choice one can make every single day: To show up for yourself.
​Providing a proper representation of yourself and your work ethics are crucially important aspects. Property consultants will place great emphasis on building relationships and leading successful, complex negotiations to ensure all parties walk away feeling like they won.

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“The Why” versus “The What”

Our private client advisors focus on the “Why” of the client rather than the “What”, trying to identify why clients naturally gravitate towards certain choices regarding properties. The “What” is rather clear from the beginning: What the client wants is to buy or sell. But understanding their “Why” helps create a bond and build trust and credibility. Ultimately, this type of self-awareness and social awareness will greatly determine if you present clients with the right option and sell them the right product. Why is this client looking to buy in this particular area, at this particular time, and this price? Once the “Why” becomes clear, you can move to the “What”

It is all about the Human Angle

Most buying decisions are driven by emotions, and now more than ever, this reality is highly prevalent in the real estate industry. Whether your client is an investor looking to double their profit margins through buying real estate, or whether they decided to purchase their first family home in Dubai, or sell their home due to unavoidable circumstances, the emotional factor will play a crucial role in the process. As an agent representing the buyer or the seller, you have to be attuned to this reality. builds itself on a brand of kindness, firstly and primarily maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients and the people within our firm. I had the privilege of discussing with some of the top performers at about their journey to becoming successful private client advisors in the prime market. I was offered some very personal insight into what drives the very core of their beliefs when it comes to selling premium properties. These professionals are exceptionally good as area specialists in Pearl Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, and other prime waterfront communities, setting new benchmarks for success.

Top realtors in our award-winning brokerage office work on connecting their clients to some of the finest properties in Dubai and across the world. They operate with a clear aim to deliver honest and comprehensive property advice so that clients will make the most informed decision about their next property purchase. They educate themselves and the client on the latest market trends and try to build proper understanding of their human angle and emotional state. Ultimately, you are assisting these people with undertaking a major financial transaction, not only facilitating the process of buying a home but you also take them through the process of buying into a lifestyle in Dubai.

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Going above and beyond Clients’ Needs

There is no better feeling than clients’ enthusiasm and trust in you, knowing that you are their “go-to” person, for all their property needs. When you guide your clients with the process of buying premium properties in Dubai, you immerse them into the lifestyle and energy that each home has to offer, and at the same time, you, as an expert, become very much part of their experience as well. Meeting top tier VIPs and high-profile clients flying over in private jets for viewings is nothing short of ordinary for our private client advisors. They offer guidance on matters such as which is the best spot for owners to park their private yachts, or will there be enough room to accommodate a fleet of cars with the purchase of an eight-bedroom mansion? Secondly, they will explain the advantages of exclusivity, absolute privacy, and customized services that come with the purchase of the property. They will highlight some of the best schools, hospitals or shopping malls in the area and world-class restaurants, possibly even accompanying the clients there, to discuss how Dubai is regarded as a haven for both investing and living. As private client advisors, they will be happy to share insight into what it is like to live in Dubai, based on personal experiences, and compare Dubai premium real estate to the rest of the world which is still less expensive to purchase than in other large cities like London or Hong Kong.

Looking ahead with Confidence

Dubai’s premium real estate future is looking brighter than ever, with the emirate positioning itself as a solid global hub, leading by example with excellent infrastructure, economic growth, business opportunities, and some of the most luxurious real estate in the world. Today, Dubai is known for its signature villas, super lavish mansions, penthouses, and exotic cars.
​But in the end, it is all about people and relationships.

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