Garden Homes on Palm Jumeirah

There are two types of villas found along the fronds of Palm Jumeirah. Yesterday, I covered the Signature Villas. Today I am going to discuss the second type, the Garden Homes. Built on plots ranging from 6,500 sq ft to 7,000 sq ft, the Garden Homes are generally spread over an internal area of around 5,000 to 6,000 sq ft.

Homeowners can purchase an extra 1,500 sq ft of land to extend their plots and, with permission from Nakheel, upto 80% of the area can be built upon. Much like the Signature Villas, it is quite common for them to be upgraded and renovated by their current owners.

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Villa at Palm Jumeirah

Garden Home Styles

The Garden Homes offer a choice of six different architectural styles and four interior layouts, each with its own unique features. While the villas range from three to five bedrooms, the three-bedroom units are very limited.

The four and five-bedroom villas have the same interior styles available between them, with the five-beds having a ‘2’ after the style name to differentiate them from the four-beds. All of the villas are G+1 with a basement. However, the Atrium Entry 2 and Grand Foyer 2 styles also have the option of G+2 units without a basement.

If you are buying an upgraded villa, that layouts will be different from the standard ones below.

Palm Jumeirah Villa

Atrium Entry

A double-height foyer spans the center of this villa, which features a majlis that can be converted into a guest room. The rear of the villa is taken up by an open plan family room and dining room. If preferred, a dividing wall can be put in to create two separate rooms.

Atrium Entry 2

The G+1 option features an extra bedroom on the first floor while the G+2 has a large family room occupying the topmost level. This space can be turned into an extra bedroom, or even a master suite.

Palm Jumeirah Garden Home

Central Rotunda

As the name implies, this style of villa is centred on a rotunda. It has a dining room adjoining a double-height majlis, both of which can be converted into one large room. There is a guest room on the ground floor and the remaining bedrooms are upstairs.

Central Rotunda 2

The main difference here is that the majlis isn’t double-height, and has a spare bedroom above it.

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Palm Jumeirah Home Dubai

Garden Gallery

This is the rarest of the available styles, as it is used only in the three-bedroom villas. It features a wraparound patio running along the perimeter of the villa and a double-height courtyard at its center. The living room, dining room and double-height majlis can be combined into one. Alternatively, the top level of the majlis can be sealed off and converted to a fourth bedroom.

Grand Foyer

This style of villa has a double-height foyer, the top level of which can be sealed off and converted to a study or lounge. The ground floor study could become a guest room, and the majlis and dining room at the rear of the villa can be turned into a unified living space.

Grand Foyer 2

An extra upstairs bedroom is the only key difference for the G+1 option. The G+2 layout has an open space on the topmost level that can be used as a master suite or entertainment space.

Garden Home Palm Jumeirah

Upgrades & Renovations

As with the signature villas, it is quite common for the Garden Homes to be upgraded by their owners, sometimes to the point of being unrecognizable from the original design. Below are some of the most common upgrade options.

Pool Placement

Some of the villas have a pool along the side while others have one at the rear, opening out to the beachfront. Many homeowners, the vast majority in fact, would prefer a pool that faces the beach and change the exterior landscaping to accommodate that.

Buying Extra Land

An extra 1,500 sq ft of land can go a long way, and homeowners often opt to get the extra land so they have more room to work with.

Palm Jumeirah Home

Room Alterations

While discussing the various styles, I talked about changes that can be made to certain rooms. Typically, homeowners add an extra bedroom or knock down the walls between rooms to combine them.

Kitchen/Bathroom Upgrades

This is always a popular upgrade option. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually refitted from top to bottom, replacing floors, fixtures and appliances to suit the homeowner’s own tastes.

Home at Palm Jumeirah

For more information on these homes and one homes around the Palm, feel free to get in touch.