NEOM Airlines Ready for Take-Off in 2024

Written by The Newsroom

NEOM Airlines is set to commence operations in 2024, offering an array of advanced services such as biometric check-ins, on-board gaming, and supersonic flights. Under the leadership of former British Airways executive Klaus Goersch, the aviation chief envisions that NEOM Airlines will have a transformative impact on the city, akin to the influence of Emirates Airline on Dubai. This month, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince also announced the establishment of another national carrier, Riyadh Air. NEOM Airlines will initially operate from the existing NEOM Bay Airport before transitioning to the forthcoming Neom International Airport.

Regarding connectivity, Goersch stated that NEOM Airlines is poised to become a global aviation hub, with plans to extend its network throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

NEOM Airlines embraces a futuristic approach, aiming to eliminate the inconveniences associated with air travel, such as handling luggage and applying for visas. Goersch compares the NEOM Airlines experience to private aviation and membership in an exclusive club.

Goersch elaborated on the vision of a seamless travel experience enabled by advanced biometrics, luggage collection from homes or offices, and delivery directly to hotels or residences. The forthcoming airline also intends to revolutionize in-flight entertainment with 6G Wi-Fi, large screens at every seat, and in-seat gaming and chat technology integrated into aircraft.

The primary objective of NEOM Airlines is to facilitate a seamless traveler journey. Goersch emphasized the unique opportunity to simultaneously build a new destination, airports, and airline, allowing for the realization of this goal at a level not previously achieved.

Discussing the potential impact of the airline on the $500 billion super-city, Goersch remarked that NEOM Airlines will function as an extension of NEOM, with a focus on a holistic and interconnected approach. The airline aims to contribute significantly to NEOM's gross domestic product, much like Emirates' role in the development of Dubai, offering a completely distinct travel experience.

NEOM, the visionary smart city project situated in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia, encompasses an expansive area of 26,500 square kilometers, equivalent to 33 times the size of New York City. The project is slated to be ready by 2024 and at the start of this year, has released progress updates on construction. These include glimpses of The Line, Sindala, Trojena and Oxagon. Positioning itself to be one of the world’s hottest lifestyle destinations, NEOM has already inked a deal with the Marriott group for 3 luxury hotels within the project. It has also recently launched the ‘Seven Senses’ Accelerator with an aim toward becoming an entrepreneurial hub.