Episode 12: Setting Sail with Rubicon Maritime

Imagine taking to the open water in your own private yacht, able to visit any corner of the world that you choose without a single care. There is one man who was done just that for the past 30 years and now dedicates his time to guiding others toward achieving the same dream. John Crupi is not only a highly experience yacht captain, he is the founder of Rubicon Maritime, a luxury yacht brokerage anchored in Florida. If you have ever considered the idea of buying a yacht but don't really know where to begin, he has all the answers to ensure the entire process is smooth sailing.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Where John's love of sailing developed and his experience as a yacht captain
  • The founding of Rubicon Maritime and the services it offers
  • Things to consider before buying a yacht and hiring a crew
  • Why chartering a boat first might be a good option
  • How Covid impacted John's last round-the-world trip
  • What's next for Rubicon Maritime in 2022

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