E-Learning in Dubai: What You Need to Know

Written by Arpan Ghosh

After the end of an early spring break that began in the first week of March, schools in Dubai will continue to remain closed for the remainder of the month. However, students will be kept up-to-date with their lessons through distance learning. The UAE Ministry of Education began the trial run of its e-learning system yesterday, which is set to be officially launched on the 22nd of March.


This new initiative is primarily designed to cover educational needs during the period of school closure across the country, ensuring that no child’s education is interrupted during the time that safety protocols are in place. However, on a broader scale, distance learning could prove to be revolutionary in the way education is handled going forward. By creating a ‘virtual learning society’, lessons can be delivered through innovative means, with interactive classes and a more immersive method of learning.


E learning 2

Two new certifications have been launched for educators who will be conducting e-learning, with two courses that will train them in how to tutor students online and to design an online course schedule. Over 42,000 teachers in the UAE, covering different levels of education, have successfully gone through training for e-learning. The learning methodology for e-learning is designed to adhere to international educational practices, covering the various curriculums that Dubai schools offer. This program is also in effect for university professors and lecturers, so they can create and manage virtual lectures for higher learning.


In order to make the transition to online learning as smooth as possible, the government is also providing high-speed internet access to all families in Dubai, with mobile data packages to be allocated to any homes that don’t have an internet connection.


E learning 1

What do you have to do as a parent? It’s quite simple.

  • Teachers will be uploading classwork and assignments to an online e-learning portal, which will also grant access to virtual classrooms for students

  • Make sure that there is a safe, distraction-free space in your home where your child can be sequestered to focus on their studies during the designated ‘school’ hours

  • Check that your internet speed is fast enough and that the connection is reliable

  • Work with your child to keep their attention on schoolwork, only allowing breaks when required as with a typical school day


E-learning is a new system in the UAE and one that will undoubtedly face a few challenges in its initial days. Once the system becomes normalised, however, it could very well change the future of education in the country, and even beyond. With information available at the speed of a click of a mouse or a tap of the screen, replacing a typical classroom environment with a virtual teacher allows for the possibility of personalised and tailored courses that can help students with different learning habits and needs.

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